Barren Ground

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The seed forms with all the right intentions – full of goodness and nutrition, completely capable of bringing new life into being under just the right conditions.

You’d think that all it would need is sunlight and rain for it to sprout its new green furl and sometimes that does actually happen. The seed thrives on hope and opens up to a new beginning as soon as those precious elements touch upon its face – but if the third ingredient necessary for its ongoing existence isn’t there, then the seed will always die.

That third ingredient is fertile ground.

Often, a seed will land on barren ground and none of the necessary ingredients for its further existence arrives. The seed withers as it waits and all the hope and promise of a delightful burgeoning future never happens.

This doesn’t mean the seed was wrong in its preparation or had ‘bad’ elements that caused it to ‘fail’. Its surrounding circumstances prevented it from taking hold.

Seeds never launch until they are ready to become more than they are. They are fully capable of becoming more than they are – but if they launch and the right elements don’t arrive to nourish that transformation and ground it in the world the seed is lost.

What happens then? Well, the cycle begins again. The seed rots back into the earth. The barren ground it falls on is nourished by its passing. Even in death the seed creates new beginnings. Those new beginnings are only delayed. The next seed that falls on that same ground embeds in the nutrients left behind by this sacrifice.

Human life is full of seedings that are sent into the world to sprout. If those seedings fail to take off, to launch, or to establish it doesn’t mean they failed. It just means they fell on barren ground, on infertile soil, that they launched at the ‘wrong’ time and landed in the ‘wrong’ place.

We can’t always hang back waiting for the right time and place. Often, the right time has arrived just because we are burgeoning with goodness that needs to be shared. In a seed’s life, that is always the right time to launch.

There are no guarantees in life but all attempts at creating life and new action are never wasted, even if they fall on barren ground. We may not have intended to become the fertile ground for others’ creations instead of our own, but destiny has its own way and we are not always privy to its purpose.

There is no such thing as failure, therefore, when our actions do not embed. Instead, our efforts allow others to succeed where we did not. Our ‘failed’ efforts thus provide new opportunities, just not for us. That’s the way of the cosmos, which does not give higher merit to one over another.

We all have our place and purpose in existence. We all leave traces of nourishment in the world from our passing, whether that is in relationships that ‘failed’ but where the participants found new life growth after the association or activities we strived to establish and failed to make work but where enough was left for others to use, expand on and gain success with.

I honor all past associations and efforts, all failed relationships and failed actions. Each has left me with something that has built my being to become who I am today and who I can become in the future.

Nothing is ever wasted. Barren ground is just an opportunity to serve others.


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