We went to an early Moon Festival gathering

Personal photo of Lianne and Kurt
Personal photo of Lianne and Kurt
Went to a Moon Festival gathering tonight with friends. It was lovely to be among a huge extended family, enjoying the brisk night air, laughing and playing games.

Reminded me of similar occasions when we enjoyed the same camaraderie with our own family, our children, grandchildren, great-grandparents, and dear friends.

Life has changed a lot for us in the past couple of years as close relationships became more distant in time and space. It can be a difficult thing to accept and flow with, the having to say goodbye, the need to find new focuses to fill the gaps left behind.

We had a great feast of many different kinds of foods, all vegetarian. I ate my first Moon Cake – an interesting flavor. The inside looked like an egg and the pastry was absolutely beautifully picked out with swirls of chinese clouds, just like you see in chinese paintings. Loved them!

Sean didn’t have his daughters with him on this weekend but he had great fun playing with all the children who were there, chasing them around and playing ‘scary monster’ as he likes to do. It was superb to hear their delighted squeals. Most children love Sean. He’s our Ganesha, a beautiful soul full of love and light. Sean-1

The festival was held early so friends could join the Taoist family who owned the lovely semi-rural property the event was held at, but the actual day of the ritual is on Monday.

This is the time when chinese people remember their families, those present, those distant, and those who are now deceased.

To all our family, those present and those past, from blood or loins, or the dear friends of our heart who are as family in every nuance, we send you love at this time and remember good times, intimate conversations, great hugs, and soft kisses.

Thank you for blessing our lives.


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