Our Business – Lilipily Spirit

Lilipily Spirit

We are an online business selling products from http://www.lilipilyspirit.com
We also sell a limited range on ebay under the name of lilipilyspirit. The same on Etsy.
We do not sell anywhere else at present.

We have been in business since 2006 and are a small family run operation but hope to keep expanding. This ambition is reflected in the wide range of products we offer.

The products we sell are either created by us (we are also artists) or selected to suit our business theme, which is ‘Empower Your Life – Connect with the Divine’. E.g., inspirational products. Since inspiration allows a very wide scope, due to the variations in personal choice, we currently sell a range of items under that banner.

Our categories include Altar & Ritual; Arts & Crafts; Amulets & Talismans; Clothing; Gifts & Decor; Gemstones & Tumbles; Jewelry & Prayer Beads; Quantum Scalar Energy; Teas & Herbal Tisanes.

If you visit our main website and find that some sections are presently closed, it is probably because we are doing an update. Please try again later. There are also some information pages to view under our About Us, Metaphysical, and Blogs sections.

Every one of our suppliers have similar attitudes to life and business to ours. They are thoroughly enjoyable to work with and bring their own positivity into our business equation.

Our business sells products as in stock, commissioned, order, or back order. Each category has its own sale method. As a small business, we simply do not have the warehousing to have all items in stock immediately, though we do carry a range of immediate sale products.

When an item is sold as order, it is usually ordered in from a local supplier, so the delivery period for purchases is almost the same as for in stock items. Back order items often have to come from overseas to us, so there is a longer waiting period. (We are based in Australia). Commissions are pre-paid or deposit secured items that take as long as necessary for the artist to complete.

While we aim to make a buck like most businesses, we are also making deliberate choices to ensure that our work does not lose its ‘heart & soul.’ We take the time to imbue each post out with blessings before sending it on its way. This is highly important to us. We like to feel we are serving you as well as we can, especially where you are purchasing items from us that are health, healing or metaphysically oriented. We like to give those products the best chance they have of being of service to you.

If you have any questions at all, or just want to drop us some ideas, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

That also goes for anything you know we sell but is not showing on line at present. Just get in touch!


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine


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