Brahma - Courtesy of
Brahma – Courtesy of

As the new millennium approached, there were many waves of spiritual lore around the world claiming that human beings were about to be transformed into a better state of evolution.

Some prepared for not only end of the world scenarios, but also for an ascension of the human race.  This ascension was known as an ascension into Light.

The basis for this belief was in prophecy, both ancient and modern.

Yet, as someone who has received some prophetic messages in my own life, I am well aware that prophecy can be hard to interpret at times.

As well, it is often confined by the presumptions and assumptions of the interpreter.

Prophecies arrive in cosmic language and need to be translated into something human beings understand – but that translation is not always correct or pure, no matter how logical or objective is the interpreter.

Many prophetic dreams I have personally experienced, have manifested in almost the correct form, but with twists and alternate endings.

So while the message or the warning of prophecy should be heeded, the outcome is not set but fluid.

Generational or worldly prophecy on a grand scale is therefore even harder to read.

Such prophecy is definitely confined by its interpretation and translation – and further skewed by later attempts to realign that interpretation or translation, using current thought or opinions.

This struck me clearly, recently, when I was watching a television program about the Dark Web – a story of how the internet came to be and what has happened thereafter.

On one hand, there was the original creator of the internet, talking about his disillusionment with his creation, now.

The internet was created with good intentions, to connect people, to provide freedom of knowledge, and to serve the common good – but today there are dark sections of the internet, just as there are dark sections in our common marketplace, where contraband drugs are sold, pedophilia is rife, and other underground streams of sleeze are thriving.

The creator of the internet provided something beautiful, and set this ‘world‘ in motion.  He was the beginning and the activator, but once it was set in motion he had little control over what people did with it.  Nor had he any real idea, because of the limitations inherent in his creative enthusiasm, how it could also be used for bad purpose.

For me, though, good and bad are inherent factors in all existence.  Light and shade, day and night, right and wrong, are all natural factors that must be kept in balance for optimal harmony and growth.

So, in putting anything into action, no matter how good the intentions, there is always the possibility of things going bad.  Balance and harmony are always teetering on a cosmic seesaw, weighing the ‘light‘ and the ‘shade‘.

You could use the story of the creator of the internet as a metaphor for God.  So many people cry out when bad things happen, against what they see as God not caring, or God not doing enough to fix problems, or ask how could God create something so malign?

Yet God is simply the creator and the one who puts things in motion.  God provides all the elements and puts them together, but after that God has little control over what happens – apart from the right to destroy the whole shebang if it gets too far off course.

Despite popular or written opinion, I believe that God rarely bothers with destroying the whole shebang, simply because of the also inherent factors of time, change and evolution in our linear based existence.

God is immortal and time is non-existent in God’s life, so there is no need to wait things out or to set a time limit for change.  There is only an observing of the threads of thought in God’s mind and of the ramifications of those threads that have been set in play.

While God may not fully realize what its thoughts truly set into being, it is our world, as it grows and evolves, that plays out the ramifications of that creation.  It is us, in the world, who are the tools of those ramifications.

It is our choices, and the environments we grow in, having sprung from that initial source, that manifest the darker aspects of life – much as the Dark Web sprang from the good purpose of the internet.

We, as elements of the god force, are manifestors of our own ‘reality‘.  Or are caught up in the dark elements of the manifestation of someone else’s ‘reality‘.  Or are assailed by the traumas of living in a world of life that comes from the ‘reality‘ of a naturally volatile and changeable universe.

This is not God’s doing, so much as the ramifications of what God’s mind set in motion.

In another view, it is said that God sets creation in motion through its Word.  The ‘Word of God‘ is said to be the sound of the Om or Aum, in buddhist and vedic literature.

To bring existence into being through sound is an interesting concept.  Especially when you apply it to the fact that radio and television are manifested via the frequencies of sound.

Waves of sound frequency carry data information and are transmitted with that information load to be picked up by the receivers of radio and television towers.

Isn’t that interesting?

So sound really can manifest patterns, shapes, and actions.  Sound really can manifest stories and pass on knowledge. Sound is more than an element or wave, it is a ‘voice of manifestation‘.

You might say, but this is only a 2 dimensional experience.  So, let’s think of God’s power for manifestation as being electrical energy.

In televisions, the patterns received on the back of sound frequency waves are translated and manifested via electricity and electrons.  Components in the television translate the patterns from the sound waves and manifest programs and movies, full of life and sound.

Further, once the patterns have been received, they can be interacted with by users of the television or by users of a computer game console.

We can therefore become players in the 2D ‘reality‘ that is manifested.

With virtual reality now establishing 3D experiences, we can also become players in 3D manifestations of ‘reality‘.

Adding sensory experiences to those 3D manifestations, and superbly detailed patterns from excellent programming, how could we distinguish ‘reality‘ from ‘game play‘ when we don’t know how to remove our ‘headsets‘ ?

Think on what happens when you watch a movie or play a computer game.  Whilst involved in the experience and invested in it, you are nowhere else.  In those moments, the movie or game is a ‘piece of your life‘…  It becomes ‘real‘ until the moment your mind detaches from the experience.

Which begs the question – what, exactly, is ‘reality‘?

The electricity of God’s power is our ‘life force‘, also known as Chi energy or kundalini energy in ancient scriptures.

So, God’s word or sound carries knowledge and pattern, which can be translated by ‘life force‘ energy into Creation.

Now think of what human beings are also doing with such patterns and codes, today.  We now have 3D printers.  We are already printing not only human tissues and organs, but objects such as vehicle parts.

Patterns or codes are information that can be translated – or, in other words, messages.

Electricity is the life force that enables those patterns or codes to become manifest, via the use of tools.

In cosmic terms, the tools are elements that can receive and direct those messages.  In our world, those tools are often us.

Which brings me back to the internet and the prophecies of ascendance into Light.

Today, much of the internet is passed around the world via fiber optic cables.  Fiber optic cables do not use sound to carry such patterns.  They use light.

Today, our world is much more connected than ever before.  Even people in third world countries, living in homes with earthen floors without electricity or running water, often have a mobile phone and/or television in their local community.

The human race has become a cloud of information, receivers of the ‘patterns and messages of life‘.

Our modern world is built on the patterns and messages received by light and sound.

It may not be what we envisaged when the prophecies were first received, but we have already ‘transcended into Light‘.

Instead of God destroying us because we have strayed too far, we have been provided with knowledge on a level that has not been seen since Eve bit the apple in the garden of Eden.

We have been given great tools to manifest our existence.

What we do with that knowledge, and how we manifest our world with it from this point, however, is up to us.

Our choices, our integrity, our attitudes and opinions shape the world we live in.

How we pass on information, how much remains truth or is colored by our dreams or fantasies, good or negative, is relative.

What we believe in and what we stand for matters more now than in any other time in the history of human existence.  For we are manifesting ‘God’s Word‘ in our creations, from the vehicles of Light and Sound.

God’s Word‘ is simply pure information and knowledge. God’s inherent faith and trust in us is that we can be wise enough to use it well.

To use it well, we have to stop thinking of ourselves as individual pieces, and more as particles of creation energy in a cloud of existence.

We and God are One.


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Kundalini Garden

Kurt rests his back and enjoys his handiwork - personal photo by Lianne
Kurt rests his back and enjoys his handiwork – personal photo by Lianne

We have a small garden in our front yard that is rarely used. It is, however, a delightful place. So I thought about making it more focal by creating an artwork there for some time – I just couldn’t figure out what to make.

Sean and Lianne standing on the Kundalini trail, with Muffy watching – personal photo by Kurt

I would have liked to make a face in the tree, but the tree doesn’t have a big enough trunk to carve one into it, and I was worried about the tree being able to grow properly if I created a sculpture over its trunk.

Then, Sean and I saw some flat garden labyrinths, and thought it would be a good spot to put one of those. Only the space was actually quite small and anything too complex would be difficult to actually use. (We did want to walk it some time, and hoped that children might want to, too).

Spirals are always images that draw my eye, so I thought perhaps we might make a spiral, instead. I laid a pattern of loose old bricks on the ground to see how it would go.

Sean and Kurt approved the pattern, but Kurt was still a bit unsure. The bricks sat there for weeks while we decided if they were going to stay. When work finally began, it just seemed right to do away with the bricks, and let the concrete take a more undulous form.

Sean and Muffy walk the Kundalini trail – personal photo by Lianne

Kurt spent two days laying the long snaking mounds on the bare ground, while Sean embedded white quartz in a wave pattern along its back.

When most of the work was done, I imprinted my hand on the nose, and so did Kurt, and then I created swayambuth, or buddha’s eyes, over our imprints.

Swayambuth eyes over Kurt and Lianne’s hand prints – personal photo by Lianne

Sean imprinted his hand at the turn of the snake’s back, along with his little, dog, Muffy’s paw print.

Sean and Muffy left their prints - personal photo by Lianne
Sean and Muffy left their prints – personal photo by Lianne

I also wrote ‘Kundalini’ along the side of the head, so that anyone visiting would not get the wrong idea, since some seem to associate our paganism with bad things and might think the snake is bad energy when it’s not. Kundalini energy is the energy that supplies the chakra system in the body, and is the same as chi energy, or universal life energy.

Since kundalini energy is also creation and sexual energy, I also put in the sign of Shiva – a trident. And because we had some pebbles left over from the mural we did on the half wall surrounding our kitchen, I poured them into the head area – not realizing till later that it suddenly became a symbol of yin and yang, with the black and white pebbles sitting together as they are now.

Kundalini and Yin-Yang stones - personal photo by Lianne
Kundalini and Yin-Yang stones – personal photo by Lianne

It also struck me, later, that with Kurt’s hand behind one eye, and my hand behind the other, the forces of male and female energy were embedded into the snake head – very apt, I think!

We had a lovely time, even though the guy’s backs are now a bit sore.

We all got covered in dirt and concrete dust, and I really should have been as smart as the guys, who had at least put work clothes on… My kaftan is going to take a bit of soaking to come clean, now.

We live on a medium size suburban block,  but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and create an individual expression, here.  (Luckily, we’ve sorted out things with the neighbors, who accept the pagan artists in their midst).

Such things help us reconnect with life and nature, and always feel good.

Sean and Kurt stand inside their creation - personal photo by Lianne
Sean and Kurt stand inside their creation – personal photo by Lianne

Not sure if we will add some fine pine bark to the paths, or more pebbles, or simply leave it as it is.  For now, we’re going to let the concrete dry, and see how it all embeds with its environment.

After all, Mother Nature may want to leave her print, too…

Click on any of the photos, above, to see a You Tube video clip of our Kundalini Garden.  Hope you like it!


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine