Talisman of the Knights’ Templar

The Templar Lion.  Photo copyright by Lilipily Spirit.
The Templar Lion.
Photo copyright by Lilipily Spirit.

My son wears a Talismans of the Knights Templar piece of jewelry, gifted to him from me.  It has a small English lion on it, which I thought was a nice touch since he is a zodiac Leo.  But the main reason I gave it to him is because he so aligns to the Templar mythology that he has even included the word, templar, in his e-mail address.

The Templar Lion
The Templar Lion – for Power & Success

I like to think that wearing such a piece inspires him and helps him to recollect the nobility of spirit the Knights’ Templar manifested in the world.

These are the warrior Jesuit priests who semi-founded the mystical orders of Freemasonry, Gnosticism, and Rosicrucianism – all paths of the noble human spirit aspiring to a greater state of existence.

When I was young, I remember watching movies about the Knights’ Templar.   I loved their pure white tunics slashed with that bright red cross, and how they wore it over such ‘Knight in Shining’ armor.  But then, I was also a fan of King Arthur, Camelot, the Round Table, and the Search for the Holy Grail.

Fact is, I loved most of the romantic adventure stories from ancient or elder history.   I once absconded with a classroom textbook on ancient Egypt so I could read all about it in the privacy of my bedroom at home.

I soaked up all the stories and movies I could on any such themes as a child, and particularly enjoyed a regular movie series called ‘Epic Theatre’  on our local television station.   It aired heroic themes of mythology and legend, based in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt.   I never missed an episode.

I suppose I was looking for answers that were otherwise not available to me, then.   Like, how can we humans survive against the odds, attain superhuman power to manifest marvelous edifices both in life and spirit, and find the patience and endurance to last even when the world has turned against us?

The story of the Knights’ Templar does not end well. They may have become legends who still inspire us, today, but their lives and Order were cut short by a greedy King and Pope who didn’t like that the Templars  had added some extra metaphysical threads to their biblical education.

After getting themselves a wealthy foothold in the Middle East, the Knights  ended up absorbing a lot of the fantastic knowledge available from the scholars, philosophers, and scientists, there.   While this expanded their viewpoint and spiritual scope, when they took those elements back to Europe they became frowned upon as heretics  and were finally persecuted and hunted to extinction by the Inquisition of the time.

So the legend of the Knights’ Templar is not just about Spiritual Aspiration, Metaphysical Knowledge, and Nobility of the Soul,  but is also about being so committed to a cause  that you are prepared to give your life for it, standing with integrity against unassailable odds  to your very last breath, and being so certain of your convictions  that your Faith  can never be degraded.

In other words, it is about devotion, fidelity, unassailability, indomitability, and surety.   And those are elements many people are still looking for today.

While the Knights’ Templar are no more, their spirit lives on in anyone who aspires to a Greater Truth  and a Purity of Spirit, and to an Age of Chivalry  that means they interact with others on levels of mercy, kindness, graciousness, and Light.

I hope that anyone who wears such talismans feels a sense of upliftment, purpose, and of their true and vital place not only in the world but also in the Mind of God.  This is the true sense of the Talisman.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine.



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