About Lilipily Spirit

LILIPILY SPIRITLilipily Spirit was a business founded by family members who used their own artistic skills to create products they felt might inspire others in some way. This focus of inspiration came from a series of extraordinary and testing events that each member of the family had endured and survived. Experiencing these on such deeply personal levels, a surprising conclusion was arrived at – that inspiration and empowerment can come through the most ordinary things, and through the most subtle ways.

So they learned to respect the material world and its rewards because, through these surprisingly ordinary elements came the reinforcement of their belief that all life is a divine gift. They came to understand that all elements of life can be used to access the divine – even material things. That’s why their business motto became: “Empower your Life – Connect with the Divine.”

While some of these family members were more active than others on eclectic paths of spiritual ritual and metaphysical focus, they didn’t feel that their modes were superior for relating to the divine. They felt that you don’t have to believe in the divine to benefit from its rewards, and you don’t have to honor it to receive its blessings. By just appreciating these rewards and blessings for their true value, you give back to the divine.

They also came to believe that the true value of the material world comes from replenishing and strengthening the body and environment, from inspiring the mind and spirit, and from empowering the ‘heart’ and body to action. When the body becomes strong and a person has focus and directs that as will to positive action, wonderful things can happen, and beauty can be established in the world. This is the basis for all healing – even healing that is considered spiritual or metaphysical. So they came to believe that material things are of great benefit in daily life and should never be disrespected.

The business work encompassed ALL religions and spiritual faiths, (inclusive of atheism, which they considered to be the divinity of self). Because it was their belief that the paths of the divine are multitudinous, but all lead to the same source. They respected the rights of others to choose their own spiritual expression, even if it did not align to their own – and were just glad that they could inspire them.

The website at www.lilipilyspirit.com was not just a shop outlet for these creative artists, or the ‘bread and butter‘ extras that supported them. It also contained information on philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual subjects there – plus other musings, and even some tidbits of personal histories.

The products they sold may not have appeared to be of great import in the world. Many seemed to be only items of decor or beauty, or even fashion – but their value was in their ideas and concepts, and in what these triggered in those who were in contact with their products.

The belief was that inspiration connects you with life. Connecting you with life, so that you really live it, is the greatest work of all.

Sadly, life events have caught up with the family who ran the business.  By 2018, Lilipily Spirit was in standby mode, waiting to see how things would pan out.

As yet, no decision has been made to fold it.  When you put so much work and heart into a creative thing, it is often hard to let it go.  So, for now, the business is sitting on the fence, selling a few mundane pieces on eBay and in the business on line, but little of the creative works.

The spirit still runs strong in the family founders, but only time will tell if Lilipily Spirit will be a working team again.

May a smile grow in your heart, for all to see.

Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

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Empower Your Life – Connect with the Divine

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