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Muffy, the Pi Xiu Temple Lion Dog

Muffy rhe Shih Tzu with Pixiu
Muffy the Shih Tzu with Pixiu. Photo copyright by Lilipily Spirit

The temple dog, also called the lion dog, is well known in the western world as a ‘fu dog‘ and its stylized form is called a snow lion in Tibet, where it is seen as the protector of Buddha.

This beautiful hand carved talisman, made from aloeswood, is said to bring protection, good luck, and the removal of woes and obstacles.

The Shi Tzu dog looks most like this brave and devoted mythical animal and we have always thought of our son’s dog, Muffy, as our own personal Pi Xiu – a guardian angel who fills our hearts with joy and encouragement, (she is the special darling of our adult disabled son., bringing constant light and love into his life).

You can never be afraid, sad, or lack courage when Muffy is around!

Photo copyright by Lilipily Spirit


Photo copyright by Lilipily Spirit




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