And let the gods, too, be healed…


For a long time, now, I have been struggling with some personal issues that I have not been able to resolve.

When that happens, I tend to withdraw into the quieter recesses of my life and reach out less into the wider world.

It’s not that I become a recluse or hermit, because I still engage on practical levels, still do my work and ply my business, and still interact in small moments as I meet people in those activities, but generally I go into a mode where you could say that my mental and emotional interactions with most others outside of my intimate circle is on ‘standby.’

This is more about a process of realignment. 

When things are overwhelming and nothing can be done about them, outwardly, the only way you can really deal with them is internally.

But when your internal processes are full of pain, misery, perplexion, doubt, confusion, vacillation, ceaseless questions, etc., you cannot deal with such overwhelming things until you have first cleared the inner work area. 

And that means a need for inward focus and concentration.

It means an inner-dwelling, and withdrawing somewhat from the outer world to enable that self-examination and cleansing process.

This is the same sort of process that buddha used to find enlightenment.

The buddha, himself, became so perplexed and despairing at the futile results from his teaching efforts, at one stage, that he went and sat under a bodhi tree, determined not to move from his meditative pose until he either got some answers, or died.

I’m not quite ready to be that extreme, but I do know that the enlightenment the buddha received was simply that__life is ruled by certain embedded laws in the physical realm__that form the destinies of those incarnate in it__and which cannot be changed until the people involved in those destinies are ready for change. 

So the best thing you can do is to be merciful and compassionate toward those caught up on that worldly merry-go-round and just get on with the business of enjoying living.

For me, this mode is enabled because I have an eclectic spirituality that recognizes the creative force of god in all things, in all elements of creation, and in all people.

Now, I’m going to do a lot of talking about this god force, in the following essay, along with gods, goddesses, and supernatural entities.

I also have friends who are atheists, and they jack up whenever they hear the word, god, so let me say here that these words are just definitions used by humans to explain concepts.  You can call them whatever you like, so long as the end concept is the same.

For myself, I believe that this god force not only creates our physical universe, but the spiritual and transcendental universes, as well.

I believe it creates the many other dimensions of parallel reality to our own, and the many levels of reality above and below our own.

And I believe it creates all the inhabitants and consistent elements of any of these, inclusive of gods and goddesses, devas, devis, asuras, demons, and elemental entities.

My god is neutral in all areas of its manifestation.

Because it is the beginning and the end of all manifestation, and the source of all existence, I believe it refers only to itself when it creates.

For the god force I believe in, there is no black or white or shades of grey, in such matters__there only is what is.

This is no different to how any artist in any medium might express themselves.

Just because a painter might paint a ‘dark‘ subject matter, or a film maker might produce a ‘horror‘ story, does not necessarily reflect on their soul or inner purity.

It is usually for them just a creative expression which examines such a subject or a story thread, and so it is for the god force I believe in.

The trouble I see in this, for us, is that we are the subject matter, and ours is the story.  We are the elements of this creation.

This means that, caught up in the inherent rules that hold our reality together, we are embedded in the process of that examination, and so the bad stuff affects us as much as the good stuff does.

For the god force I believe in, however, none of this matters in the end because, like a replicator machine on a Star Trek spaceship (or like one of the artists I previously mentioned), it just pulls in the matter it was experimenting with when it is finished with it and recycles it into something new.

That is akin to us examining our thought processes, discarding what is useless or obsolete, and capitalizing on what remains to forge a new thought process.

In our physical reality, though, I believe we are the thought processes of the god force, feeling and living as apparently separate entities.

And as those apparently separate entities, we don’t want to just suffer and be discarded, because that feels meaningless to us.

Such modes feel like our life has no purpose other than as a plaything or as an experimental expression of the god force.

Spiritually, the truth I believe in goes something like this__we are the god force__so we are never lost, we are never non-existent, and we are never discarded.

When you are struggling with the storyline of your life, however, and dealing with what definitely feels real and assailing, it is extremely difficult to align yourself with such a concept.

The absolute and only way to deal with it is to recognize the schism between reality and spirituality.

Even the Tibetan Dalai Lama has expressed this mode in reference to his own life, where he admits he is both a human being, with all the flaws and failings that may go with that incarnation, and an enlightened spiritual being.

On some days, he says he gets pissed off if the radio is not playing his favorite channel, or he tells of how he used to get jealous seeing his brother riding a bicycle when he was a kid and he was forced to study.  Yet he is also an enlightened being who can key into the truth of the cosmos whenever a question is put to him, providing answers to those who ask.

This is what I believe to be the nature of the reality we live in.

It is what I believe is the nature of any level of reality__even the levels of reality where the supernatural live__the levels of gods and goddesses, etc.

In my estimation, we are both expressions embedded in the reality created and the god force creating it.

I believe we are both human and god.

This is why I feel that our human lives can be so frustrating, because it takes a lot of enlightenment, or awakening in the mind of the cosmic divine, to make the flexible adjustments necessary to be able to deal with that apparent truth.

Most people don’t seem able to.  And religion doesn’t seem to help them to, because religion is usually about aligning people to a notion that god is a distant figure, a figure to worship and kowtow to, and a figure to honor as being separate to oneself.

Yet, if we are god and all is god and we are the recyclable expressions of god, then we are never distant from god and never separate.  We are god, itself.

In the Vedic stories of the creation of our universe, the gods and goddesses and demons all churned the milky oceans of the cosmos to bring our reality into being.

In the process, they got caught up in the endless struggle between good and badgods and demons.

They got caught up in their own level of ‘reality‘, that seemed to be an endless fight for the upper hand.

The god force decided to alter the game play and sent in an element of itself called Dhanvantari (pronounced dah-hun-vun-tar-ay).

Dhanvantari came bearing gifts, including the nectar of immortality, or amrita.

Now, as human beings caught up in our own story telling, when we talk of immortality and elixirs that enable it, we usually think only that it means living forever.

But if you put aside those stories and concentrate on the spiritual truths I referred to__the god force is already immortal, and all elements of it are therefore already immortal, and so we, too, are already immortal.

We’re just not immortal in our present incarnation or in our worldly expression as a human being.  We’re only immortal as recycling elements of the god force.

The only reason that such a notion seems to pain us is because we like to think of ourselves as completely separate entities, with free will to be and do whatever we want to be.

We don’t really like the concept of being swallowed up into some greater being that rules over us.

To define this, I remember going into a trance mode in my shower many years ago (odd place, I know) and seeing a vast wonder of (what I can only describe as) an orgy of slithering cosmic energy slugs in a rainbow of colors.

I ‘knew‘ that this thriving and burgeoning energy was the god force in motion, creating.  And I felt that if I stood there watching long enough, I would be absorbed into those colors and become part of them. And that thought made me feel panic that my life may about to be over.  Which made me wake up from the trance, so I could return to my husband and children, who I was thoroughly enjoying being with at the time.

I believe that this mode, however, of wanting to feel alive and of wanting to feel individual is just part of the worldly process that shapes us.

We are born into the world with ambition, with a willingness to grow, to prosper and thrive, to fight for survival, and to interact with all other elements of our existence in order to do these things, and especially, to explore relationships.

This is how I believe the god force has fun through us, and with itself.  It creates challenges to explore, and we are the pieces on the cosmic chess table.

Yet I believe we are also the god force moving the pieces on that table.  It is us, playing with ourselves through this divine thought process.

For me, it is us imagining scenarios and playing them out.

And that is the only way I believe we are really separate.

In the manifestation of all the levels of reality, I feel that the same challenges apply.  There may be different scenarios to deal with, and different character applications, but the same effective schism between what appears to be and what is applies, whether you are human or a divine being.

So even those who are enlightened or who are divine beings manifesting in human form, can temporarily feel lost in the play.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, he is said to have cried out ‘Why hast thou forsaken me?

When buddha sat under the bodhi tree looking for enlightenment, he did so because he had reached a state of despair that seemed to have no answers.

When the gods and goddesses churned the cosmic oceans with the asuras and demons, they, too, forgot the cosmic reality and got caught up with the physical expressions of their own level of reality.

So Dhanvantari arrived with the amrita, which was not a pot of elixir enabling immortality__in truth, it was a reminder that all is not what it appears to be, and that, being the elements of the god force that they were, they were never impotent and were always immortal.

The only thing that they had to learn to deal with, then, was the knowledge that they were in a process of the game play, and that all game play eventually comes to an end.

In our human world, sometimes this cosmic game play only comes to an end when our lives come to an end.

But for me, embedded in all existence is this knowledge of the god force and how it expresses itself through us.

In my belief, all existence is the expression of the god force, for better or worse.

In all such existence I believe, as elements of the god force, there is an  inherent mode for change.

Dhanvantari also expresses this mode because he is also known as the healer of the gods, and the father of ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient art of finding the spiritual element in plants and mineral elements, that can help to readjust the spiritual element in ourselves, and therefore lead to physical healing.

Like the amrita, ayurvedic medicine is a knowledge of the divine that is embedded in our physical reality__because no matter what game play we are embroiled in, the belief remains that the essential god force is always present.

Therefore, by referring to that underlying and inherent factor, I believe we can realign ourselves and our lives.

We may not be able to change the game in play, though.

Buddha‘s physical body got old and died.

Jesus‘ body was put to death on the cross.

When the Vedic gods went to Vishnu and asked for their power to be restored because the demons had usurped it, they were simply told to wait things out, because this is the nature of things__nothing lasts forever.

It seems that even gods and goddesses, and the enlightened, can become caught up in the nature of their physical existence, and in the assailments that come to them in that existence.

Illness and assailment seem to come to anyone in any form and on any level of manifesting existence, no matter how pure of heart or mind they are, or how much they do to keep themselves healthy and peaceful__even to gods and goddesses manifesting in transcendent realms.

And even though the god Shiva is said to have consumed the poisons of the cosmos that were created from the struggles between the gods and demons during the churning of existence__he, too, remained marked forever by the blue of that poison. (So long as he incarnates as the god, Shiva, anyway).

It seems that such threads being explored by the creative god force just need certain things to happen, and those things can feel very bad to us, and can have a very bad apparent effect on our incarnating lives, and even on the lives of those incarnated in divine realms.

I’m not saying that good effects never happen, but I am focusing on the bad stuff that undermines us, here, so please go with that flow.

Nor am I saying at all that, since we have little control over what happens to us, those who are inclined to do bad things should be allowed to do so without resistance.

Remember that Vishnu says that all things are cyclic and all modes come to an end, so there is a time for reckoning and adjustment at the end of each phase.  Bad modes will always be adjusted by good ones, even as good ones can temporarily be assailed by bad ones.

On a more human level, I have taoist friends who still take umbrage against buddhists because of the political turmoil between them, and because of dogmatic differences.

Yet, in the expression of taoism, it is said that we are all on par, all equal, and all part of the flow of life, of whatever is, and so all elements of creation should be met equally and with aplomb__and still my friends sit in opposition to the buddhists and shudder when buddhist images are shown to them.

Even the most enlightened of us can therefore become too embedded in the reality of our game play.

The picture on this page is of a brass statue of Dhanvantari that I have on one of my altars at home.  He reminds me of my divine self.

This is not about promoting myself as being better than anyone or anything else.  It is simply an enablement.

Because by remembering my inner truth, and the truth of my existence on this planet, I can align better to the game play.

I can remember that the processes of what is happening to me, that rattle and assail me, and that seem to be causing damage or awful situations is part of the game play.

In remembering my inner truth, I can understand that such processes are not me.  They are not part of me.  They are only what is affecting my body and the life surrounding my body.

I never have to let them into my soul if I choose not to.

And in not letting them into my soul, I am not letting them affect my attitudes or self-aligned modes.

And I can remain detached even in the thick of it.

And I can remain accepting even of the fate of it.

This what I believe is amrita, the gift of the god force that is present in all elements of existence.  It is a knowledge of divine truth and it’s ceaseless immortality.

Finally, part of my daily mantras are om ma ni pad me hum and om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

These are important to me because they reveal two basic keys to living – may all beings be happy, and may the joy of god be manifest.

Whatever happens in life, we can still know happiness and joy, simply by realigning our attitudes.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine.


Extraordinary Ordinary Things

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

I had to go to hospital for some tests, recently, and had biopsies taken from some intimate regions.

The hospital was quite far from where I live but I had been there once before, over a decade ago, when I had a different operation done and stayed a few days.

In the consulting doctor’s rooms, I was introduced to a nurse who would help me for the day.   An older woman, like myself, she took one look at me and said, “hello, I know you”.

I said, “well, that would have been a very long time ago, since the last time I was here was over ten years ago”.

She said, “yes, I have been here that long, sadly”.

I replied, “why sad?   You’re lucky to have had a job that long, these days”.

And she passed a comment to the doctor, saying, “there it is”, as if that remark framed me.

As the minor operation I was having continued on, I did my usual camaraderie, making jokes and talking through the small ordeal and  pain – and the nurse made a few more comments, saying “and now it escalates…”  With a smile, so I felt that she knew and approved of me.

It was an odd thing, to see such recognition in someone who was a relative stranger.   I realized that something in me or something about me had resonated with her all those years ago, and she never forgot.

I thought of how I go through my life a lot of the time feeling that no one really notices me, and that I could be easily forgotten if I just disappeared.   And yet, if I am honest, there have been other moments like this, where people who have seen me extremely rarely, have yet remembered me.

I think it does take something extraordinary to happen for someone to embed a memory like that, even if it is in small moments.   And that thought gave me a refreshing view of myself that I really needed right now.

In life, we often move through the small moments feeling like nothing much is happening.   It is easy to think that there is some kind of dearth because events are mundane and not exciting, or slow and not seeming to make much progress.

You can easily forget the blessings that really do surround you or that fill your life and heart so well, because you are concentrating so hard on what you feel is missing.

In yearning for what you don’t have or can’t get, you can far too easily take for granted what you do have.

Even before this extraordinary minor event happened to me, I had begun to realize just how much I was not paying enough respect in my life, to my surroundings, to the people standing by and with me, to the pets that fill my heart, to the projects that delight me even while they are hard work, and to the kudos I earned in the past that I have shelved because they were in the past.

I had already begun to make a more concentrated effort to remember my past achievements and to give myself the kudos I deserve, again, and to honor more clearly the real blessings that fill my heart and environment.

It is just so easy to forget when you are concentrating on getting things or getting somewhere or someone.

Fact is, when you do that, you are not actually activating any law of attraction.   When you pray for such things, you are actually activating a law of dearth, because the aura given off by such prayers is one of lack.

So I have seriously been making an effort to remember how well blessed I am.   I know that there are people or things missing in my life, and goals I have not yet achieved, but the truth is that I am very well blessed with what I do have.

I am now allowing myself to feel those blessings, and saying out loud how well I am blessed.   And then, if I do get anything else I desire, they are just bonuses on top of the blessings I already have.

The change has been remarkable.   I have felt more energized than I have felt in a long while, and new small blessings are popping up regularly, as if the cosmos is saying, “now that she appreciates what we have already given to her, we will let her have some more…”

And the nurse’s recognition and appreciation of my jokes and character was just another of those new small blessings.   It really made my day.

We are not ever really alone, no matter how much we think we may be.   We are not ever really as low as we think we are, because the world truly is a beautiful place, no matter what travails we are going through at the time.

The gift of life is something to be treasured and savored, not passaged through as if time has no end and can be wasted in fruitless yearning.

Life is full of extraordinary ordinary things.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine



The first time I ever went on a ferris wheel was when I was very young.

In those days, ferris wheels did not have gondolas enclosed in cages as they do now, nor windows or doors of any kind.

When my mother, sister and I climbed onto the gondola platform, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a picnic bench with a canopy, suspended from a hanging arm.

Everything was open to the elements. You could even see through the floorboards, and between the boards on the seat.  This was not so bad when you were at the bottom but, once the gondola got way high on the wheel, seeing through those boards was scary.

This particular ferris wheel had been described as the largest in the southern hemisphere at the time.  As it climbed to breezy heights, the only safety precaution was a thin metal bar closing the ‘gate.’  If you saw that contraption today, safety issues would come to mind.  A child could easily fall through the space under the bar.  It was a visual barrier, only.

Otherwise, the only warning we were given was to ‘remain seated’ and ‘don’t rock the gondola.’

Tell that to my mother and sister, who thought that ‘rocking the gondola’ was the most exciting fun to be had.

Way up high over our city, with breezy views for miles, and sitting on a picnic bench in the air, my mother and sister blew loud gales of laughter as they swung our gondola about as much as they possibly could.

My knuckles were absolutely white from hanging on, and if I hadn’t been so young at the time I’m sure my stiffened muscles would have been aching by the time I got off.

I really thought I was going to die.  I thought I was going to fall off that flimsy bit of wood and splat to the ground.

I must have been completely ashen, but my mother and sister thought that my reactions were so funny they kept going the whole time we were on the thing – and we spent a very long time on the thing, way at the top of the wheel, (while the operator was obviously having a cup of tea in his safe cubicle on the ground…)

By the time I got off the ferris wheel, you could never get me back on one of them again. (I thought).

I refused every offer thereafter, year after year.  By that time, I was also extremely afraid of heights. (Not to wonder, really).

When my own children grew old enough to attend the city shows, it was my husband who took them on the ferris wheel.  I would proclaim that someone had to stay on the ground to look after the picnic bag, and I even took a small fold up stool to sit on while I waited through the event.

For them, going on the ferris wheel was a regular part of going to the city show.  By the time they were going on the ferris wheel, though, the gondolas had been fully enclosed in cages.  But I still could not bring myself to ride in one.

My children grew up and ferris wheels are no longer seen just at city shows or fairgrounds.  Now they are sight seeing attractions and we have one installed beside the river in our city.

My daughter thought to surprise me with a treat for my birthday one year and bought the whole family tickets to ride.

How could I say no ?  She had already bought the tickets !

So for the first time since I was a little girl, I got into a gondola on a ferris wheel . (The things you do for family…)

This one was fully enclosed in glass – a vestibule with airconditioning and cushy vinyl leather seats. But as soon as it swung away from the ground my heart started zooming and I felt the blood drain from my face.

I struggled to keep my eyes open, but I just couldn’t. They kept shutting their lids and I really had little control over them.

I prided myself on self-discipline, but no matter how many times I tried to open my lids to please my daughter by taking in the view, the dizzying height just got to me and they shut down.

I did get to see the city, in glimpses – but it was nothing like ‘taking in the view.’

The rest of my family laughed off the experience. They had a wonderful time, laughing and joking while I visibly ‘slept.’   But as the guest of honor for the trip it was obvious that I did not do the event justice. The length of time I was affected showed clearly how distressed I was, and that left a bad aftertaste by the time they all got off.

My daughter was the most affected.  She was very upset that I wasted her gift by keeping my eyes shut almost every second of the trip.  No explanation was enough.

I had never really told my children about my childhood experience with the ferris wheel, or how it had affected me, because I didn’t want my fears to rub off on them.  I wanted them to have the same fun going on ferris wheels that my mother and sister had had – though I did always tell them not to rock the gondola.

So my daughter really didn’t know that there was anything wrong with her gift.  All she had memories of was how much pleasure I got from seeing them going on the ferris wheel each year at the city show.  She didn’t know that my pleasure was in knowing that my children were braver than I was, and that they were able to experience things I felt unable to experience.

No matter how close we get to others, we don’t always know their full stories.  There are many reasons why people keep certain events secret from others.

And not all experiences can be therapised and got over. Sometimes, scars remain that will always be a sharp reminder of fear and terror, and less salubrious moments.

Talking about such bad experiences is not always good if you can’t find a way to manage them.  Sometimes the best option is to just put them away and hope the dark shelf they sit on will never be found.

Such things can be like grief.  Even years after you thought you had learned to cope without the people or things you lost, a tiny memory can trigger the grief of their loss, as if it was yesterday.  All you can do with such feelings is move with them and through them.

You can face such feelings as often as you like, but they will never be completely numbed.  When they come up again, the emotions attached are as powerful as if the events are ‘now’.

Bad experiences are really a form of grief, too.  What remains is a sense of loss.

When I got on the ferris wheel as a child, I lost my sense of security.  I lost my trust in the people who were close to me to really care for me and keep me safe.  I felt that the only person I could fully trust with my life was myself, thereafter.  And that, too, was a loss, because it caused a disconnect in the core of my relationships.  No matter how close I got to people, they could always sense a part of me that was held back.

I have conquered my fear of heights enough to fly in an airplane, now – to stand at a mountain outlook to take in the view, and to cross a footbridge over a freeway – but I still cannot bring myself to enter a ferris wheel gondola again.

I did my best for that now past birthday event, but never again…  I know my limits.  And that is one of them.

My daughter got that message, too.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

I Talk to Animals

Personal photo by Lianne, copyright.
Personal photo by Lianne, copyright.

I talk to animals.

No, I’m not Dr. Dolittle.  No, the animals don’t talk back – not like humans expect a conversation, anyway.  But I do talk to animals as if they understand me, and I believe they do.

I also talk to plants, trees, or the sky, occasionally…  Perhaps that’s because I am pagan in my spiritual orientation, but I think it runs deeper than that.  I think it’s because I believe we are all One.

Years ago, I was a regular visitor to a pixelated realm called Second Life.  Being in that virtual reality world helped remind me that we are all just players in this life, the ‘real‘ world our bodies live in.  It showed me quite clearly that the roleplays, duties, levels of status and position, age and physical appearance are all veneers.

In Second Life, I could choose to be anyone I wanted to be, young or old, male or female, animal or human.  It gave me a new perspective.

While I have always talked to my pets, having been one of them for a while in my journeys through Second Life, I started to relate to them as if they were the same as me – but wearing the body of a pet and confined by the movements, behavioral traits, and voice of the pet.

That’s how it is in Second Life.  Although there you can also chat and send text messages, that reveal your true inner nature inside the avatar pet body.

Animals in ‘real‘ life can’t talk to us like that.  But I don’t believe that doesn’t mean they can’t talk at all.  For me, they just talk differently, and communicate in other ways than what we humans classify as being conversation.

During my sojourn in Second Life, there was a personal revelation as well.  In real life, I was mature, overweight, and overburdened by my roles.

The freedom of expression I had as a virtual avatar showed me that, while my outer body and roles might have changed, my inner self was the same as it had always been.

Having overridden the conditioning and the expectations, both from others and of those I set for myself, I found lightness, brightness, laughter, and joy again.  And sexuality.

There are some damn good programs for sexuality in Second Life (or SL, as the players like to call it), and while it may seem odd to watch yourself in pixel form going through the very non-contact motions with another pixel form, the realization was new inspiration and renewal of sexual energy in ‘real life’.

(FYI, my hubby was the other pixel form).

For me, sexual energy is also Kundalini energy or creation energy, which can be directed to sex but can also be directed to any activity where you want something to manifest.  It is life force energy, (some call that Chi), and by revitalizing it in that pixel realm I realized how much it had been suppressed in my ‘real‘ life at the time.  (Older bodies and different life roles have a habit of smothering past passions).

So my experiences in SL brought about revitalization, reaffirmation, renewal of my self-awareness and self-love, and a recentering in my physical realm with a greater ability to split the ‘me‘ from the ‘reality‘ – not via escapism, but by recognizing my natural truths even as I invested myself in playing the ‘game’.  By being the ‘Player’ who could opt out any time, and is always aware of their self as a separate entity from the ‘game’.

My SL experiences also brought about an intensification in awareness that the connections between we humans are very strong, even where there is no physical contact going on.

In SL, relationships are quickly formed, and not just mental but deep emotional connections are regularly made.  Boundaries are easily set aside as the instant depth soars the spirit into a ‘high‘ and people feel they have found ‘soul mates,’ even though only mere days or weeks have passed.

Hearts are broken there.  Friendships and marriages are created and gone in a matter of moments.  Some translate to ‘real life‘ and do go on.  Some break up marriages in ‘real life‘.  But the element that struck me was that without the physical forms, and the status and roleplays to guide us, visually, people connect very easily in spirit.

So I believe that spirit is the key to all relationships.  I believe spirit expresses as both emotional and mental.   I think it is the core element of our being that enables both life and passion.   And that when it is engaged, powerful things can happen.

My revelations from my experiences were these.  I am not my body.  I am not my roleplay.  I am not my place in the world.  For me, those are modes and functions that enable me to journey through my ‘physical life‘ to forge a ‘destiny‘ or reach a ‘destination‘, or to ‘play the game.’

In my mind, I am spirit.  I am both a player in and an observer of the world I inhabit.

In my belief system, I am one cell in a great body that I call the Divine, and am never truly apart from any other cell.

As spirit, I enter a body that is  used as an avatar or carrier so that I can experience the relationships between all the cells of the Divine, whether animal, plant, mineral, or cosmic.  Yet my body, itself, is also made up of cells, each inhabited by the spirit of the Divine.

Together, all these cells and individual avatars, on so many different levels, and in so many layers, form the ‘reality‘ that shapes the roleplay of my physical life.

So, thinking and believing as I do, it is not a great step to talk to animals, or to any other cell in the universe I inhabit.

In viewing my world less as a finite shape and more as a place where pixels can be adjusted by Divine Will, I am less bound by conventions.

My reward for interacting with what I call a ‘greater awareness‘ is that the furries (animals) and other animal, bird, and insect entities in my world seem to be more aware of me, and I feel they have shown me this, regularly.

Now, I am no Buddha, either.  While I love all life and respect it, I do acknowledge that I inhabit a physical realm that needs to be kept somewhat under control if I am to manage the space I live in, rather than be overruled by it.  So I do kill cockroaches, poisonous spiders, threatening snakes, etc.  I played mass war on the termites that infested my house, and keep guard over it to prevent their return.

I do not conform, however, to a belief system that says I will feel the mark of being a murderer on my soul forever because I committed those beings to ‘death’, because I do not believe they are dead.  In my estimation, I just zapped their physical avatars and recycled their ‘game play‘ to a new level of ‘reality‘.  And therefore every time I squish a cockroach, I still bless it but say ‘next life.

Despite being a pragmatic killer in that way, the cockroaches (I live in the sub-tropics, where you can really never get rid of them) still play games with me, coming to say ‘hello‘ when I cut food on my bench.  Some are lucky to get away to live another life.  Many get squished.  And I say, ‘you risked that play badly.’

(You can see that my whole view of ‘reality’ changed after my sojourn in the pixel realm of Second Life…)

Spiders also walk across my lounge room floor while I’m watching television, in full view (again, it is the sub-tropics, and you can’t get away from life just because you live in a house, here).  They never learn.  But they do get a chance to be put out into the garden, where they may live another day, if I can catch them.  If I can’t, they will be sprayed.  That’s just life… and death.  Recycling.

I am never lonely, because I am persistently surrounded by vibrant, connecting life.  If I am sitting in one spot long enough, my cats and dogs are all over me, warming me up on even a hot day.  If I am outside in my garden, the birds always come to sing to me, or butterflies flit past.

I have regular visits from families of possums to my garden, because I feed them kitchen scraps in a bowl screwed onto my fence, and they still come despite the fact that many of them have died under the claws of my cats. (I use pieces of one of their skulls on my altar, to honor the animal realm).

At night time, my home is regularly filled with the ‘click, click, click‘ communications of geckos (who eat cockroaches, so they are always welcome), and I can see them play on the fly screen over my lounge room window while I sit and watch television at night – big fat geckos who I know are watching me and my family inside as much as we are watching them.

You may think that’s an assumption, but there are always the same family of geckos (you get to know their shapes), feeding in the same place, within a two foot radius, and if it was just the light from our lamps they wanted, they have a wall of windows to choose from…  They selected the one where they can see us sitting on the couch.

You might think this is a stretch, to believe that we are being observed like that, or to feel that the animal realm is in strong communication with us, but it goes beyond the fact that my pets do ‘talk‘ to me.

If you heard my pets doing their ‘Scooby Doo’ throat chortles in an attempt to ‘speak like a human’, you’d know they were communicating.

But animals also communicate through body language.  And I will never understand the scientists who say that animals don’t have expressions – because they are just missing the subtleties.  Expressions are more than a wide smile or a raise of the eyebrow.  My animals have tried to smile (looks like a grimace), raised their eyebrows (twitching hair above the eye), shown disapproval (turned their head away), and shown sadness (bowed head to ground).

As well, having an adult disabled son with speech difficulties, who has told me after listening to his recorded voice that he didn’t sound like that to himself, I tend to believe that animals just have speech difficulties, too, and don’t sound the way we hear them to themselves.  They think they are talking our language, and probably get frustrated like we do when people get the wrong message, despite their best efforts.

Still need convincing?  I woke one morning, years ago, to an absolute cacophony of birdsong outside my bedroom window.  I looked down into the garden to see what the ruckus was all about, and was astounded by a mass of birds, large and small, flying around and sitting near the corner fence of my backyard.

These were birds that normally don’t hang around together. Some were predators of the others, yet there they all were, making a ruckus as if there was something they needed to band together to fight.  Of course, it intrigued me.  I went down there to find out what was happening.

Normally, wild birds will fly away when a human being is clearly seen and coming toward them.  But this mass of birds stayed where they were as I approached.  They just went quiet and watched me.  Only when I got close enough to see what it was they had massed around, did the smaller birds fly away.  The Australian crows, (actually the largest ravens in the world), still sat and watched me – four of them.

In the cordyline plant growing in the corner of my yard, a large diamond python had coiled itself.  This was the great enemy that the birds had gathered to warn me about.

I knew straight away that they were protecting my yard, my grandchildren who played there, and even my pets (though the cats were known killers).  Any of these members of my family could have been hurt by such a large python – swallowed whole, in the case of my small pets.

Obviously, the python had availed itself of the food potential presented by my possum feeding bowl, which the birds always pick over the next day. (The possums feed at night).  It must have got quite a fright, to have slithered to the precarious position of the cordyline, which has a very open foliage of narrow sword shaped leaves, and got itself barricaded there by an air battalion of angry birds.

When my husband appeared beside me with a rake, the crows (ravens) watched him carefully, obviously seeing what he would do.  They only flew away when he finally slipped the python out of the plant and over the back fence into the scrubland beyond, so it could go on its merry way.  Only then did the crows fly away, and we never saw that particular python again.  I’m sure it learnt it’s lesson.  Our yard is protected by a bevy of birds.

After that, my own awareness of how the outside world watches us was greatly increased.  We can go through life blindly, only seeing what we want to see and only acknowledging what we want to acknowledge – but when we open ourselves to greater possibilities, the universe becomes a very interesting place.

A different python visited our home a couple of years later. Well, I think it was a different one, but I can’t be completely sure.  (If it was the same one, it had done a heck of a lot of growing…)

My husband and I were relaxing under the shade of a vine covered pergola, deep in conversation as a gentle breeze flowed over our bodies one warm spring day.  During the conversation, I heard the leaves on the vines rustle, but just thought it was the breeze moving them.  When I happened to look up, an absolutely massive python had stretched its body right along about ten feet of the pergola trellis, under the vines, and was silently watching us.  I had the distinct impression it was very interested in our conversation.

Of course, a large python like that just cannot be in our yard. We have pets and children to protect.  So off my husband went to fetch the rake again, while I watched the python to make sure it didn’t go anywhere else.

It lifted its head up out of the foliage and stared back at me, silently. And it was an absolutely beautiful being.

So I talked to it, out loud.  I said, ‘You know you can’t stay here. We have little dogs and cats and children playing in this yard, and we don’t want you to swallow them. You have to go.’

It didn’t move.  Just kept staring at me. But I did not feel any menace.  I did, however, feel a real sense of connection, of curiosity, and of being visited.

My husband seemed to be taking ages, so I took one brief moment to turn and yell through the back door, asking where he was.  In that brief moment of turning away, that huge snake, that had taken so long and slow time to move though the vines on our pergola, completely disappeared.

My husband and I thoroughly checked everywhere, poking and prodding the vines, and searching the surrounding garden, just to make sure it was gone.  That snake must have really put out speed.  But it obviously took my message.  We never saw it again.

I don’t know how anyone can ever feel alone in a world so full of life communicating.

Even in my most ‘solitary‘ moments, there is always something going on around me.


P.S.  After reading my post, my friend told me that she also talks to animals, especially to birds.  And that reminded me of another real story of my life – years ago, whenever I was feeling down or depressed, I used to go sit alone on my bedroom balcony and sing my way through an old book of ballads.  It lifted my spirit, and I really belted them out.  (Not sure what the neighbors thought, but it helped me a lot).  And while I sang, birds would always come roosting in the trees in my garden, and just sat there, listening.  They would cock their heads this way and that, but didn’t make a sound until I finished.  Only then, they’d fly away.   So I can tell you for certain, we are listened to by the natural world around us !

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A Beautiful Life


I see God as a Creator entity and, as such, one that is reflected somewhat in myself, since I, also, am a creator.

After I create things, I am often fascinated by how they take on a life of their own.

As a creator, I have a nebulous idea of what it is I want to create, and as I work with that idea I can see where things are going and how they will pan out.

As you may know from previous essays I’ve written with a subject of God in them, I view all Creation as having been thought of and emerged from God’s Mind.  For me, God dreams, or God thinks, the Cosmos into being.  And we, as elements of those Cosmos, are also thought into being.

Using the ‘As Above, So Below‘ motto, and its vice versa – God is a Creator like me, and I am a creator, too – it’s moot to think that God also only has a nebulous idea about what It wants to create, and just works with ideas and sees how they pan out.

I believe that God, too, is absolutely fascinated in how what It creates takes on a life of it’s own.

If you’re wondering how such a thing would manifest, then think on how we humans each assess artworks differently, or read novels with widely varying points of view or assumptions.

Often, the artist or writer doesn’t even have the observer’s ideas or feelings about their work, but will still be fascinated to know these interesting results, which represent how the work has taken on a life of it’s own.

When I am creating a work, and still have my hand on it, the work can begin to take on a life of it’s own even before I have finished – and that is not always a ‘good‘ thing.

Sometimes, that is not a direction I really want my work to be taking.  Or perhaps it is just not ‘coming to life‘ in the way I wanted it to.

This is also how ‘bad‘ things can happen in a Universe that God created – not because God intentionally made them that way, but because once the work was created, it took on a life of it’s own.

For me, then, if the piece I am working on does not feel quite right, I tend to add a bit more (rather than ‘take away’) and suddenly the piece feels ‘good’.  

This can be as simple as placing a couple of dots near the corner of a person’s eye in their portrait, that turn a flat stare into a character ‘twinkle‘.  Or it can be the addition of a few words to a written paragraph, that turns an obscure thought into a clarified one.

Taking away and cleaning up are not always the solutions to a brilliant outcome.  Sometimes, addition is the key.  You just have to consider what it is that needs to be added.

Perhaps, like myself, when things don’t seem to be working for God, It also adds elements in the hope of a better result.

I think God adds elements far more often than it ever ‘cleans up‘ or ‘takes away‘, though of course those modes are also possible.  Let’s face it, God is not only the Creator but also the Destroyer.  What God brings into being, God can take away, as the saying goes.  But if you look at the extreme variety of creatures manifested on Earth, alone, and then consider that this extreme variety is probably manifested in the many layers of dimensions and the multiple realities of world upon world, then God appears to have been very busy at adding elements.

Now, as an artist, I know that there are times when an artwork doesn’t seem to be working out, no matter what I do to it – especially with certain types of materials.  Like an oil painting – there is only so much you can do to fix an oil painting before it becomes obvious that you just have to give up on what you were trying to ‘bring through‘ and paint over the whole shebang.

It’s possible, even probable, that God has painted over shebangs many times in It’s existence.  But if you consider that It is a Being who really likes to fix things, and has aeons long history of adding elements, far more than taking them away, then this poses a picture where God is working like mad as a Creator to make ‘bad‘ things ‘good‘ right now.

In our lives, there are often times when ‘bad‘ things don’t seem ever able to be made ‘good‘.  You do everything you can, just so you have covered every possible action or mode, and they still don’t seem to work out.

In modern times, the common mode in such cases is to ‘walk away‘ from such things and begin again without them.  But in my case, and I believe this is God‘s case, too, even as I feel I have to put up with such scenarios while I am unable to do much about them, my mind and heart is constantly working behind the scenes on possible solutions, and waiting for an opportunity to arise to try them out.

For God, this has precedence.  In many spiritual scriptures of varying faiths, there are often stories related to ‘dark times’ or times when nothing could be done against what seemed to be a surge of ‘evil‘ in the world – but God knew that the laws of physical reality meant that all moves in cycles, and that change was inevitable.  So all God had to do was wait things out and eventually things would change enough so that God could insert those solution elements and move It’s Creation into happier states of existence.

You can tell that I don’t align with a God force as defined in some scriptures, that feels a need to destroy the world as payback to an erring human race.

My God simply doesn’t need to do that.  It knows very well that humankind is a blink in the reality of Time, and all It needs is to wait and something else will eventually replace them, if It really felt that way about them.  Which I also don’t believe since, as a Creator, God loves all Its creations.  And that is something I know of, too, as an artist.

Good‘ or ‘bad‘, maybe I don’t like some pieces as much as others, but every piece I create has an element of me in it and a piece of my heart.  Which is why when one doesn’t work out, I try so hard to fix it.

When it comes to life situations, especially with other people, I have long had similar modes.  I invest a piece of my heart in every relationship I have been intimate with.

(That intimacy is just the closeness I felt, and the modes of opening up that I had with those people, not necessarily sexual).

And when those relationships become ‘troubled‘ or go ‘up end‘, my artist self tries very hard to fix things (sometimes with more passion and noise than people can take, but that’s the artist in me – my ‘force of nature’).

The trouble is that in some relationships, or in some circumstances, the fixing seems so impossible that a sense of suffering sets in.

I find myself wondering why the other person can’t see things differently, or is not willing to try different modes – because I can clearly see solutions and possibilities, and I don’t understand why they are giving up – especially when the heart has been involved.

I find it hard to understand how people can ‘hurt your heart’ so much, when they said and showed they cared.

So when such things happen, I go through extreme ‘gut churns’, sometimes for a very long time.

My mind finds it hard to let go, and I re-examine every ince of the circumstances, over and over, to try to find out why and what exactly happened.

That mode, again, is the artist in me, trying to make things better.  But it’s a painful experience, and if I dwell in those modes too long they can undermine me – especially where no solutions are possible at the time, or even in the forseeable future.

Sometimes, all you can do is let go and move on with your life.

I know this seems to be easy for modern humans, especially those of younger generations, these days, but this mode has never been easy for me, nor for others of my generation who were brought up to believe in making the best of things, in recycling things rather than throwing them out, and in taking pride in the craftsmanship of making things work.

Ultimately, if I dwell in such modes for too long, it is I who needs healing.  My spirit becomes assailed by the sense of hopelessness, ostracization, and rejection, even when there is so much else going on in my life and so many others who bring blessings with them.  The artist in me just hates letting go.

Luckily, I am also a healer, and I can heal myself.  It does take focus and effort, though, because these painful modes of not giving up are well embedded.  But with greater effort and some ritual, I am able to realign.

You can probably tell at this stage that I have been undergoing some very painful experiences in my life for a while now.

Like God, I have not been still whilst such things are going on, but have continued to ply my life and be creative, as always.

Fact is, as pain became more resident, my creativity has stepped up.  That creator part of me has been madly trying to restore beauty and wonder and magic in my life, and to fix the ongoing problems causing the pain, even if certain elements are still not ‘coming to the party‘ any more.  But despite my best efforts and an outflow of creative manifestation, the ‘gut churns’ kept coming, and I kept having moments of utter misery.

Now, looking at God, again, imagine that this Creator is also feeling utterly miserable because no matter what It does to try to fix things, or how much artistic creation is added to the equation, what It wants to fix is simply unable to be fixed at this stage.

God being miserable?  That’s a new concept, isn’t it?  But it’s a thought that popped into my mind as I was doing my special rituals to help myself, recently.

I have been intensifying my mantras and prayers, and doing deep meditation and ‘sending‘ in order to heal others and the world around me – because I really seemed unable to heal what was happening in my own life, with others I was once close to.

So I thought, I will just create my own world, bring the type of world I enjoy living in into being, and will send out joy into the world to make it a happier place, and will send out love and compassion into the world to help all beings be happy.

These are, of course, bottom line tenets of buddhism, taoism, and vedism.  But my prayers have intensified, and the results felt very good.

I’m not sure what is happening in the greater world, or with the others who caused so much pain but are no longer in my life, but in my immediate environment things have become lighter and more joyful, and the people I live and work with are happier.

There are some who visit me in spirit when I do these mantras and meditations, including some who died this year, who were part of the pain and trouble.  I realized that they came because of the intensity of love and healing being emitted, and because that emission encompassed all beings, everywhere, and on every level of reality, including theirs.  And I hope that they will be healed and can move on to a better state of existence.

While I cannot honestly forgive what they did, I am aware that all beings are fallible.  In a creative universe, how could that not be so?  Because flaws are part of the beauty of all Art.

So I am able to move on, and even while I may not forgive what happened I can put it in context and thereby put it aside as just being part of the processes of existence.

What surprised me during these rituals was that I found myself not only taking in the world and it’s creatures, and humankind, but also the supernatural levels, the gods, goddesses, and angels.

It struck me that forgiveness and mercy is not something that can ever be fully resident anywhere so long as people so completely classify and categorize and outcast those who have erred – and the supernatural ‘fallen‘ have been classified thus for aeons.

Perhaps, as in my own feelings toward others who ‘did me wrong‘, forgiveness is not always possible, but accommodation is.

If we are All elements stemming from the One being, or God, then ignoring or making outcast of any other element so completely is like an amputation.

Even though amputations may sometimes seem the best solution to a physical body, amputees can attest that a ‘phantom‘ remains, that keeps connecting to the missing part.

If so, then so long as we simply try to cut out such unwanted people or entities from our lives, as if they no longer belong, we will always be ‘haunted‘ by their ‘phantoms.’

I believe that even if an entity does need to be permanently removed, it should still  be treated with respect and consideration, because it is still another natural element of God’s existence.

Associate that mode with body parts, and think of yourself as the mouth and the one you want to get rid of as the arsehole.  The mouth may not want to kiss the arsehole, but it acknowledges that the arsehole has a purpose and belongs to the same body.

The trouble, however, in most cases of exile, appears to come not from the separation so much as the ongoing propaganda and slander, that sends curses through the ether to the amputated.

This is how we cultivate rebounding effects.  Because just as there is power in positive thinking, there is also power in negative thinking.

Every time we focus on the ‘bad‘ things or people in our lives, or that were once in our lives, we align to ‘bad‘ feelings.  That is the same ‘phantom‘ effect, and it has consequences.

Those consequences leave us feeling ‘bad‘ even after we think we have moved on and claimed a better life for ourselves.

So, when it comes to the supernatural ‘fallen,’ the same goes.  While we may not want their modes in our lives any more, or feel they don’t fit with our existence, they still deserve respect and consideration as do any  other elements of God’s body.

It struck me that God seems to have been focusing on the ‘bad‘ for far too long, and that this focusing on the ‘bad‘ may have made It, too, feel miserable.

Now, when a human artist feels miserable, the tone of the creation can change, and they might start creating things that are ‘dark‘.  But as an ‘oddballcreator, myself, who never creates ‘dark‘ things from the ‘dark‘ feelings I may be undergoing, I don’t believe God is one of those types of creators, either.

Whenever I have created things after painful episodes in my life, (or during them), they were even more superb in outcome than usual, because I use my creative skills to re-establish what is important to mebeauty, magic and a sense of healing.

But as I said before, when painful things keep happening, the ‘gut churns’, nevertheless, and even as the beauty and magic shimmers from these creations, I can still end up feeling miserable.

So this thought came to me that God is an artist just like me, trying so hard to re-establish the beauty and magic and sense of healing in our world, and trying to balance out the ‘darkness‘ that seems to be becoming rife in so many places – but, because It’s efforts have not stopped that ‘darkness‘, the pain of that apparent failure and it’s accompanying sense of hopelessness is making God miserable.  And when God feels miserable, we begin to feel miserable, too.

What is that misery?  It is a sense of despair or hopelessness, or of self-doubt and worry, that overrides everything that is beautiful and wonderful in our lives, even when everything otherwise appears to be blessed and good.

It is that lack of appreciation for what we have, and for what we have the potential to do, and a lack of gratitude for life, itself.

It gets ‘under our skin‘ and ‘deep into our hearts‘, and stops progress, and creates obstacles that may not even really be there.  And, in this way, it affects all life on planet Earth – because, these ‘pebbles in the pond‘ create ripples that spread outward to contact everything and everyone.

That was when I included God as a particular focus in my prayers – and myself.

Because I rarely include myself in such things.  I just feel that if I make all others or the world around me feel better, then I will feel better, and that is often the way – but it is also the way that I neglect myself.  I neglect my own needs, or neglect my physical well-being, even as I send healing to others.

And so I believe that God has forgotten to send healing to itself, too.   I believe God needs some healing and care.   As the saying goes, who heals the healer?

So now I am focusing on God in my mantras in a very new way – and helping God, too, ‘be happy.’

There’s no point cleaning the pond to gain crystal clear water if the source of that water is compromised.

If what God thinks, God brings into being – and therefore, as elements of God’s mind, we can also bring our thoughts into being – then thinking God into a state of happiness should have a good result for all.

This is the Power of Positive Thinking at an archetypal level. This is refreshing the Source.

Let’s all focus on joy, happiness, mercy, kindness and compassion, and stop thinking about the bad things or bad elements so much.

Let’s trust our inner artistic skills for dealing with whatever crops up when it does crop up, and not think about ‘bad‘ things until they actually happen.

Let’s get on with living a beautiful life.

Whenever I find my mind dwelling on the ‘bad‘ elements in my life, today, I deliberately put them aside.

I will deal with them when and if I have to confront them.  I have dealt with them before, so I know I have the gumption and skills to do it again, when necessary.

But for now, and for a better future, I will not think of them when I don’t have to.

I am going invest fully in my belief that life will get better, eventually, and that all I need to do right now is to live it with as much appreciation as I can.

I think God is going to do that, too.


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Brahma - Courtesy of
Brahma – Courtesy of

As the new millennium approached, there were many waves of spiritual lore around the world claiming that human beings were about to be transformed into a better state of evolution.

Some prepared for not only end of the world scenarios, but also for an ascension of the human race.  This ascension was known as an ascension into Light.

The basis for this belief was in prophecy, both ancient and modern.

Yet, as someone who has received some prophetic messages in my own life, I am well aware that prophecy can be hard to interpret at times.

As well, it is often confined by the presumptions and assumptions of the interpreter.

Prophecies arrive in cosmic language and need to be translated into something human beings understand – but that translation is not always correct or pure, no matter how logical or objective is the interpreter.

Many prophetic dreams I have personally experienced, have manifested in almost the correct form, but with twists and alternate endings.

So while the message or the warning of prophecy should be heeded, the outcome is not set but fluid.

Generational or worldly prophecy on a grand scale is therefore even harder to read.

Such prophecy is definitely confined by its interpretation and translation – and further skewed by later attempts to realign that interpretation or translation, using current thought or opinions.

This struck me clearly, recently, when I was watching a television program about the Dark Web – a story of how the internet came to be and what has happened thereafter.

On one hand, there was the original creator of the internet, talking about his disillusionment with his creation, now.

The internet was created with good intentions, to connect people, to provide freedom of knowledge, and to serve the common good – but today there are dark sections of the internet, just as there are dark sections in our common marketplace, where contraband drugs are sold, pedophilia is rife, and other underground streams of sleeze are thriving.

The creator of the internet provided something beautiful, and set this ‘world‘ in motion.  He was the beginning and the activator, but once it was set in motion he had little control over what people did with it.  Nor had he any real idea, because of the limitations inherent in his creative enthusiasm, how it could also be used for bad purpose.

For me, though, good and bad are inherent factors in all existence.  Light and shade, day and night, right and wrong, are all natural factors that must be kept in balance for optimal harmony and growth.

So, in putting anything into action, no matter how good the intentions, there is always the possibility of things going bad.  Balance and harmony are always teetering on a cosmic seesaw, weighing the ‘light‘ and the ‘shade‘.

You could use the story of the creator of the internet as a metaphor for God.  So many people cry out when bad things happen, against what they see as God not caring, or God not doing enough to fix problems, or ask how could God create something so malign?

Yet God is simply the creator and the one who puts things in motion.  God provides all the elements and puts them together, but after that God has little control over what happens – apart from the right to destroy the whole shebang if it gets too far off course.

Despite popular or written opinion, I believe that God rarely bothers with destroying the whole shebang, simply because of the also inherent factors of time, change and evolution in our linear based existence.

God is immortal and time is non-existent in God’s life, so there is no need to wait things out or to set a time limit for change.  There is only an observing of the threads of thought in God’s mind and of the ramifications of those threads that have been set in play.

While God may not fully realize what its thoughts truly set into being, it is our world, as it grows and evolves, that plays out the ramifications of that creation.  It is us, in the world, who are the tools of those ramifications.

It is our choices, and the environments we grow in, having sprung from that initial source, that manifest the darker aspects of life – much as the Dark Web sprang from the good purpose of the internet.

We, as elements of the god force, are manifestors of our own ‘reality‘.  Or are caught up in the dark elements of the manifestation of someone else’s ‘reality‘.  Or are assailed by the traumas of living in a world of life that comes from the ‘reality‘ of a naturally volatile and changeable universe.

This is not God’s doing, so much as the ramifications of what God’s mind set in motion.

In another view, it is said that God sets creation in motion through its Word.  The ‘Word of God‘ is said to be the sound of the Om or Aum, in buddhist and vedic literature.

To bring existence into being through sound is an interesting concept.  Especially when you apply it to the fact that radio and television are manifested via the frequencies of sound.

Waves of sound frequency carry data information and are transmitted with that information load to be picked up by the receivers of radio and television towers.

Isn’t that interesting?

So sound really can manifest patterns, shapes, and actions.  Sound really can manifest stories and pass on knowledge. Sound is more than an element or wave, it is a ‘voice of manifestation‘.

You might say, but this is only a 2 dimensional experience.  So, let’s think of God’s power for manifestation as being electrical energy.

In televisions, the patterns received on the back of sound frequency waves are translated and manifested via electricity and electrons.  Components in the television translate the patterns from the sound waves and manifest programs and movies, full of life and sound.

Further, once the patterns have been received, they can be interacted with by users of the television or by users of a computer game console.

We can therefore become players in the 2D ‘reality‘ that is manifested.

With virtual reality now establishing 3D experiences, we can also become players in 3D manifestations of ‘reality‘.

Adding sensory experiences to those 3D manifestations, and superbly detailed patterns from excellent programming, how could we distinguish ‘reality‘ from ‘game play‘ when we don’t know how to remove our ‘headsets‘ ?

Think on what happens when you watch a movie or play a computer game.  Whilst involved in the experience and invested in it, you are nowhere else.  In those moments, the movie or game is a ‘piece of your life‘…  It becomes ‘real‘ until the moment your mind detaches from the experience.

Which begs the question – what, exactly, is ‘reality‘?

The electricity of God’s power is our ‘life force‘, also known as Chi energy or kundalini energy in ancient scriptures.

So, God’s word or sound carries knowledge and pattern, which can be translated by ‘life force‘ energy into Creation.

Now think of what human beings are also doing with such patterns and codes, today.  We now have 3D printers.  We are already printing not only human tissues and organs, but objects such as vehicle parts.

Patterns or codes are information that can be translated – or, in other words, messages.

Electricity is the life force that enables those patterns or codes to become manifest, via the use of tools.

In cosmic terms, the tools are elements that can receive and direct those messages.  In our world, those tools are often us.

Which brings me back to the internet and the prophecies of ascendance into Light.

Today, much of the internet is passed around the world via fiber optic cables.  Fiber optic cables do not use sound to carry such patterns.  They use light.

Today, our world is much more connected than ever before.  Even people in third world countries, living in homes with earthen floors without electricity or running water, often have a mobile phone and/or television in their local community.

The human race has become a cloud of information, receivers of the ‘patterns and messages of life‘.

Our modern world is built on the patterns and messages received by light and sound.

It may not be what we envisaged when the prophecies were first received, but we have already ‘transcended into Light‘.

Instead of God destroying us because we have strayed too far, we have been provided with knowledge on a level that has not been seen since Eve bit the apple in the garden of Eden.

We have been given great tools to manifest our existence.

What we do with that knowledge, and how we manifest our world with it from this point, however, is up to us.

Our choices, our integrity, our attitudes and opinions shape the world we live in.

How we pass on information, how much remains truth or is colored by our dreams or fantasies, good or negative, is relative.

What we believe in and what we stand for matters more now than in any other time in the history of human existence.  For we are manifesting ‘God’s Word‘ in our creations, from the vehicles of Light and Sound.

God’s Word‘ is simply pure information and knowledge. God’s inherent faith and trust in us is that we can be wise enough to use it well.

To use it well, we have to stop thinking of ourselves as individual pieces, and more as particles of creation energy in a cloud of existence.

We and God are One.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine


Kundalini Garden

Kurt rests his back and enjoys his handiwork - personal photo by Lianne
Kurt rests his back and enjoys his handiwork – personal photo by Lianne

We have a small garden in our front yard that is rarely used. It is, however, a delightful place. So I thought about making it more focal by creating an artwork there for some time – I just couldn’t figure out what to make.

Sean and Lianne standing on the Kundalini trail, with Muffy watching – personal photo by Kurt

I would have liked to make a face in the tree, but the tree doesn’t have a big enough trunk to carve one into it, and I was worried about the tree being able to grow properly if I created a sculpture over its trunk.

Then, Sean and I saw some flat garden labyrinths, and thought it would be a good spot to put one of those. Only the space was actually quite small and anything too complex would be difficult to actually use. (We did want to walk it some time, and hoped that children might want to, too).

Spirals are always images that draw my eye, so I thought perhaps we might make a spiral, instead. I laid a pattern of loose old bricks on the ground to see how it would go.

Sean and Kurt approved the pattern, but Kurt was still a bit unsure. The bricks sat there for weeks while we decided if they were going to stay. When work finally began, it just seemed right to do away with the bricks, and let the concrete take a more undulous form.

Sean and Muffy walk the Kundalini trail – personal photo by Lianne

Kurt spent two days laying the long snaking mounds on the bare ground, while Sean embedded white quartz in a wave pattern along its back.

When most of the work was done, I imprinted my hand on the nose, and so did Kurt, and then I created swayambuth, or buddha’s eyes, over our imprints.

Swayambuth eyes over Kurt and Lianne’s hand prints – personal photo by Lianne

Sean imprinted his hand at the turn of the snake’s back, along with his little, dog, Muffy’s paw print.

Sean and Muffy left their prints - personal photo by Lianne
Sean and Muffy left their prints – personal photo by Lianne

I also wrote ‘Kundalini’ along the side of the head, so that anyone visiting would not get the wrong idea, since some seem to associate our paganism with bad things and might think the snake is bad energy when it’s not. Kundalini energy is the energy that supplies the chakra system in the body, and is the same as chi energy, or universal life energy.

Since kundalini energy is also creation and sexual energy, I also put in the sign of Shiva – a trident. And because we had some pebbles left over from the mural we did on the half wall surrounding our kitchen, I poured them into the head area – not realizing till later that it suddenly became a symbol of yin and yang, with the black and white pebbles sitting together as they are now.

Kundalini and Yin-Yang stones - personal photo by Lianne
Kundalini and Yin-Yang stones – personal photo by Lianne

It also struck me, later, that with Kurt’s hand behind one eye, and my hand behind the other, the forces of male and female energy were embedded into the snake head – very apt, I think!

We had a lovely time, even though the guy’s backs are now a bit sore.

We all got covered in dirt and concrete dust, and I really should have been as smart as the guys, who had at least put work clothes on… My kaftan is going to take a bit of soaking to come clean, now.

We live on a medium size suburban block,  but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and create an individual expression, here.  (Luckily, we’ve sorted out things with the neighbors, who accept the pagan artists in their midst).

Such things help us reconnect with life and nature, and always feel good.

Sean and Kurt stand inside their creation - personal photo by Lianne
Sean and Kurt stand inside their creation – personal photo by Lianne

Not sure if we will add some fine pine bark to the paths, or more pebbles, or simply leave it as it is.  For now, we’re going to let the concrete dry, and see how it all embeds with its environment.

After all, Mother Nature may want to leave her print, too…

Click on any of the photos, above, to see a You Tube video clip of our Kundalini Garden.  Hope you like it!


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

Sing your world into being

shivaI have a daily ritual of chanting mantras.  I use a set of 108 prayer beads to count each mantra set and do one full round.  It takes me about an hour to complete the task, and then I meditate.

I never used to chant mantras so regularly, nor meditate every day, even though I believe in the efficacy of such rituals and actually create prayer beads that I sell to others.  But after my life became more assailed than usual, I felt I needed a bit more help.

There are many in the world who follow similar rituals, regularly.  Some of them buy my prayer beads(Some just wear them).

At the suggestion of an indian guru, my mantras hail the vedic gods, Ganesha, Shiva, and Lakshmi – but they could be to any gods or goddesses, or to one god, or none at all.

Mantras are simply prayers invoking divine energies (creation energies), and divine energies don’t have to have a face or a name.

In my experience and beliefs, the essence of god has many faces and many names, and these are represented in every faith or religion throughout the world – and even in the faith people have in themselves or in just living, as atheists and agnostics do.

When I first began my mantra rounds, I was calling Shiva in his form of BhairavaBhairava is a fiercer aspect of Shiva, but more actively protective, which the guru thought I needed at the time.  But as time passed, I felt that the energy was too strong and too forceful, and was not so good any more, so today I just pray my mantras to the all-encompassing Shiva and let him (the god) decide what form of his I need in my life.

As well, I added a joyful round of mantras to Vishnu/Krishna before closing that section with a Namaste to them all.  And then finished with the buddhistOm Mani Padme Hum’ mantras, sending out waves of pink healing energy into the world, to give something back…

It’s not always easy to stay focused during my mantra rounds.  Thoughts come and go even as I am uttering the words and names.  I find myself constantly trying to refocus on the multiple candle flames I light in the room, or to breathe in the incense to reawaken myself, even though I always begin my mantra sessions with deep pranic breathing.

I think it is the higher vibrational energy that does it.  My body gets more worked by it, and when I am so busy in my days or in my thoughts, already, it’s a natural reaction to drift, or even to nod off to sleep for a fraction of a second (more likely to happen when I do my mantras in a pre-dawn session).

I sometimes feel frustrated when that happens, because I think it is disrespectful to divine energies – though ‘they’ are telling me it’s okay, and that such thoughts belong only to human beings and the realm we live in.  (Apparently, the divine is much more accommodating).

When I first started my mantra rounds, I used to focus extremely well, fired by the needs that began them.  I would bring great concentration to bear on manifesting better conditions, and would quickly be flushed with a greater sense of empowerment, and noticed very quick changes going on in the world around me, afterwards.

Over time, again, I felt that such concentration was too forceful, and that things were not happening as naturally as they should.  The sense of power also made me over-forceful in my daily relationships, causing friction, which I didn’t like.

Today, I am quieter and gentler in my chanting, but that also means I am more likely to drift or nod.

I contemplated this problem during my rounds, and as usual received an answer.  I was told to not worry about focusing on manifesting the good energies of each divine being I was chanting to, but to just ‘sing my world into being.’

I was told to not worry about outcomes, and just trust that what needed to happen would happen.  So I did, and after that some nice and interesting things began to happen in my life, bringing more hope back.

But then I began to be concerned about this ‘singing my world into being.’   I thought – what if I sung something quite ‘wrong’ into being?  What if my drifting thoughts and micro snoozes set some ‘darker energy’ free to do its work?

I was surprised at the reply I got to those thoughts.  I was told to trust myself.  I was told to believe in my self.  I was told to ignore the flaws and failings of my daily life, the ‘trips’ in my personality, the fallibility of my tongue, or the ‘breezes’ wafting my emotions.

I was reminded that the gods do not need to clear away distractions to do their work .  To them, the noise of life was ‘white noise.’  No different to that of children trying to climb onto your lap when you are working.  They just don’t think about it, and the work gets done.  Like the parent of the child, they automatically deal with the ‘child’  whilst keeping focus on the work that needs to be done.  It is the focus that counts.

It is said that just saying or hearing the mantras will set their energies in motion.  But I wondered, nevertheless, how well my mantras were being set in motion if I was not really thinking of them while uttering them, or if I had nodded off for a moment between one set and another?  Where was my focus?

Then ‘they’ told me that this was not about my mind.  It was not about my heart.  It was not about my physical body or its presence in the world.  It was all about my spirit, and soul.

It was all about my essence, and the underlying factor of all my beliefs.  It was about what my ‘truth’ would ‘sing into being’ if I could have everything the way my spirit or soul wanted it to be, or could imagine it to be. 

I had to think about that.  Stopped mid mantra to do so.  Thought about what my soul aspired to – and realized with surprise that my soul effused ‘goodness’. 

You may ask why I felt surprised, but it is simply that, having come so far through the ‘scathings’ of life I really don’t feel that ‘pure’ a lot of the time, any more.  Damage has been done, that I felt must surely have ‘marked my soul’, no matter what good things I might still do in the world, or what efforts I make to reconnect with the divine through prayers or mantras.

However,  I was ‘told’ that the ‘bottom line of my soul’ is not related to human arguments and conflicts, or to the difficulties that embroil me at times, or that embroil anyone.  It is simply the underlying ‘truth’ of my existence. 

It is the ‘essence’ of me that rises up from the ‘muddy bottom’ of physical life, through the ‘murky waters’ of thoughts and emotion, to become the ‘lotus flower’ spreading its petals under the ‘divine sun’.  It is the ‘cosmic me’.

For life in this world is a schism between the mortal and immortal, the manifested and the never manifested, the physical and the divine.

I am a human being embroiled in the roleplays of a mortal life, but my soul and spirit are divine, and never stop ‘hearing’ the ‘symphony of stars’. 

That is how I can focus even though my body is dealing with distractions.

That focus came from the intentions I set up in doing the mantras at all.  It came from what I believed them to be, and from what I want from them – and that belief is far more than just being selfish… It is a belief in the ‘ultimate goodness of life’, that arose from everything I ever thought beautiful and everything beautiful I want my life to be.

This stems from my ‘soul’, and comes from hearing that divine music – the ‘symphony of stars’.  When I flow with or ‘sing’ that ‘symphony’, I am truly alive and living.  Thus, do I ‘become‘ and thus my world is sung into being’.

Having had this mini revelation, I then ‘saw’ Ganesha, dancing so freely, enjoying life just for the fun of being alive.

I ‘saw’ Shiva, sitting in meditation, serenely contemplating all the galaxies in the universe, and accepting life for what it is, ‘warts’ and all, as beautiful.

I ‘saw’ Lakshmi, not as the provider of wealth, but as the kind, generous and compassionate goddess, giving hugs freely and soothing troubled brows.

And I realized that the pure and unadulterated energy of ‘singing the world into being’ was what Krishna and Vishnu embodied.  It was love – love of life,  love of living, love of making the best of life and living, and love of being.

I loved being alive, for all its flaws and failings, struggles, traumas, and tragedies – and if I had to choose, I would choose just as Ganesha, Shiva, and Lakshmi did in my vision – to dance the dance of life, to be able to meditate serenely without attachment to the whys and wherefores or attaining solutions, and to provide simple nourishment for the assailed souls of all beings so that they could also ‘dance’ and fully be alive.

You may call that a dream, but now I feel good about ‘singing my world into being.’ 

I trust the energies of my deepest inner self to do what is ‘right’, to create what is ‘good’, and to manifest a better place despite what roleplays of life my mind, emotions and body may play out as I function outside my mantra sessions.

In this way, I feel I am manifesting changes in my life, from the inside out.  And when I send out the ‘pink waves of love’, spreading from my ‘pebble in the pond of life’ chanting ‘soul mind’ at the end of each session, I feel like I am sharing something good and wonderful.

This is what I feel it means to ‘get in touch with your source.’  This is what I think it means to ‘know your core essence.’

The deep tap root of life that we brought with us into the world of manifestation is always there.  We only need to look for it, and recognize it when we find it.  And it is ‘good’, because we do not come into the world with damaged souls.

We come here ‘pure’ and amazed by the magical realm we have entered.  And that awe and delight remains present, no matter how old we get or how much assails us, though it can seem to be buried under a ‘dung heap’.

When we ‘sing our world into being’ we ‘sing’ of that ‘magic’ that made us feel happy to greet each day as a child, before any damage ever began…

It’s not a ‘song’ as you physically know a ‘song’.  It doesn’t come from your mouth.  It doesn’t come from your mind, really.  It doesn’t even come from your heart.  It’s a soul memory, of who you really are, and who you really were, before you were born.

To gain access to that primal memory – first, you have to remember who you were as a child, before you ever got hurt.

Second, you have to remember how ‘fun’ it was to explore the world you were born into, then.

Third, you have to put aside the ‘damage’ that has happened, since, and just ‘dance the dance of life’, and in that way ‘sing your world into being’, just as you did way back then…

When your soul ‘sings’, all life becomes a symphony.  Your mind re-attunes to the ‘music of the universe’.  Your body becomes flushed with the ‘harmonies of life’.

What you emit, energizes.  What you imagine, becomes.  And the ‘lyrics’ of ‘universal love’ flow these words through you –

‘Let all beings be happy!’

That is more than a prayer.  It is also an act.  It is a manifestation that comes from innate choice, not forced, but natural – the choice of your ‘spirit’, living fully in its truth.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to be happy, you will be happy, and others will feel your happiness and be affected by it – happiness is infectious.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to have faith, you will find faith, and others will have faith in you – faith imbues.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling, smiling soon feels like the natural thing to do, and others will smile with you – smiling is a gift.

These innate choices allow your ‘soul‘ to ‘sing‘ and help you manifest a better life, not only for yourself but also for others – despite the distractions that come from the ‘white noise’ of living.

So, ‘sing’ your ‘world’ into being.

(Remember though: Like a germinating seed, the growth is from the inside to the out… and change takes time, with much occurring on the inside before the leaves of your ‘tree’ unfurl in the world – but there is a powerhouse of energy in that soul!)


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

Defragging the hard drive

Assailed, of late, with health problems that have made it difficult to complete tasks or find the motivation to get back to work at all.

Despite all that has gone before in the relatively long life I’ve lived, I still feel like a failure when I’m forced to rest, and then begin to have doubts about what the future holds – feeling powerless because there is no action beyond the daily mundane.

When in this state, I seek guidance.  Because in this state, meditation and mantras, prayers and wishes, don’t seem to be as effective.  So I wonder – where did I go wrong?  In what way can I do better?  How can I get through these problems or obstacles to keep forging a better state of life?

When the answers from that guidance arrive, they often surprise me.  I can tell you assuredly that they do not come from my own mind.  I could never have made them up.  I would not even have thought that way.  Their revelations are always interesting and informative, offering a different point of view.

My doctor is concerned about my health and struggling to come to terms with my insistence on trying to treat myself more assiduously with alternative therapies, first.  I asked what the medications she wanted to put me on would actually do and countered with the natural therapies I am now using, like hawthorn, arjuna, calcium and magnesium, which will do the same thing, but will take longer to take effect.

We’re keeping an eye on this process together, and I will accede to her medical intervention if something comes to crisis – but the guidance I received from spirit has definitely placed new slants on my modes.  It said that my body was going through a transformation – and that this was the reason for all the extra activity going on – the racing heart, the high blood pressure, the inflammation, and even the fragile emotions present.

Along with that message came an image of a computer hard drive defragmenting itself, and the constant ticking vibration of it rearranging information files and cleaning up bad disc areas.  That picture definitely aligns to the ever present palpitations I can’t seem to get under control, and the weird buzzing feeling that spreads from my chest to even the soles of my feet.

It’s an interesting idea, because before I got worried enough to go to the doctor and get things checked, I really thought my body was just going through some sort of healing process, manifested by my mantra rituals that had been especially concentrating on fixing problems in my life, of late.

If you know me, you know I believe in spiritual or metaphysical healing, and I do often use such healing techniques on myself, to help my own body ailments improve.  So it wasn’t odd for me to believe that the buzzing feeling was a higher vibrational energy that just seemed to be taking much longer to do its job.

A lot of separations have happened in my life relationships in recent years, and many I thought would be with me to the end of my days are now gone forever – some old, some young.  If I ever held hope of one day sorting things out with those people, I now have to acknowledge that hope seems to be finally lost.  So the image of the hard drive being cleaned up, and of irrelevant files or damaged ones being quarantined away so that the rest of the space becomes more useable is very relevant for me.

It’s human to doubt and become concerned, though.  Sometimes, pure faith is not enough.  Sometimes, destiny declares we are meant to be helped by others.  So when the buzzing continued, and palpitations joined them, and finally chest pains started popping, I sought the counsel of my doctor.

Tests my doctor has already completed on me show I am in fairly good health, though nothing can prevent sudden attacks that come out of the blue – and she likes to tell me that the physical things assailing me, nevertheless, are showing that such an attack would not be quite out of the blue.

Maybe they aren’t, but maybe that is just destiny.  Should I just trust my doctor and follow her modes, alone, when I do know the efficacy of natural therapy?

There are still doubts about my modes, because I don’t feel ready to die yet. Whoever is, at any age?

Two key figures in my early life, my mother and her sister, my aunt, both died in recent months, riddled with cancer, and both thought they would always live much longer than they did.  I thought so, too.

Death is therefore not something I feel I have real control over.  I believe it will come when it is meant to come, no matter what I do to prevent it.

My mother was having stem cell therapy well before they discovered cancer in her lungs.  Nothing she had done or did afterwards prevented it spreading to her brain and bringing inevitable death.

It is one thing wanting to live a healthy life.  It is quite another trying to cheat death.

So I am listening to my doctor but not yet trying her therapies.  (I did take modern medicine in the past, and had many unwanted or dangerous side effects).   I am going with my own natural therapies, for now, but keeping watch so that if things do get worse I can claim her backup.  And for now, I have to accept rest and attempt rehabilitation, and let time pass so that my natural therapies can do their work.

That’s how natural things work.  They take time.  They can’t be forced, and if you try to force them, there are often consequences to deal with.

It really does feel like defragmenting my hard drive.  Goodness knows, I’ve waited impatiently at times for my real computer to process a proper defragmentation of its hard drive, just itching to get back to work, and feeling frustrated that I had no choice other than to wait things out until the job was done.

And, when it is done in my own internal spaces, hopefully I will have enough life left to complete all the wonderful tasks I set myself.  There are so many, it will take a lifetime, too.  🙂

And if I don’t complete them before I die… well, I also believe in reincarnation, so mayhap I will catch up, then.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine


Prayer mala created by Lilipily Spirit. Original photo courtesy of Lilipily Spirit.
Happy Buddha beads, prayer mala created by Lilipily Spirit. Original photo courtesy of Lilipily Spirit. Click on the image to connect with Lilipily Spirit on eBay, where you can buy these particular beads.

I have been having some problems with my heart.  It’s not the first time.

Many years ago, I was close to death because of an arrhythmia.  I was given medication, then, to bring the beat back under control and should have been on that medication for the rest of my life.  But after a year, I took myself off the medication, and have had no real problems since.

Recent health problems and outside stresses and pressures appear to have over-stimulated my heart again.  It’s not quite an arrhythmia but it’s fast enough to be of concern.

I’ve been trying to heal myself with natural therapies and nurturing, this time – remembering how the medications I took years ago had such a bad effect on me.  (Which is why I took myself off them as soon as I felt able to).

My husband is concerned I’m ‘playing with death‘, (especially since I previously had a ‘small’ heart attack), but for me death comes to us all, eventually.  I do not believe I will die one moment earlier or later than when I am meant to die.

I am aware, however, that the quality of my life until my death is a mutable number of measure.  It’s at least partially up to me as to whether I live my life in good health or bad, in good mind or bad, and especially in good spirit or bad.

My belief is also that if I am unable to control these factors, and they must be controlled by people or forces outside myself, then that is when ‘fate‘ or ‘destiny‘ is at work.  All I feel I can do under those circumstances is to ‘wait things out‘ and ‘go with the flow‘.

Left to my own devices, though, I often don’t ‘go with the flow‘.  I often ‘swim upstream‘ against the current.

I am often trying to ‘fit too many hours in a day‘, (which may also account for the speeding of my heart).

To keep myself in balance, I have a daily ritual of praying with my prayer beads (mala) and reciting mantras.  It’s a way of focusing on the energies I want to establish in my life, with the help of my spirit and divine mentors.

For some time, now, despite my best efforts and most positive affirmations, I have felt very assailed, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  So, after just trying to live through that and not seeming to get anywhere, I’ve recently been calling for more ‘help‘ than usual.

The result was quickly evident as I found the energy that had been lagging, and set to work ‘catching up on things’ I had not been able to do so well, before.

I was very grateful.  But now I am paying the cost for this gift.

Having received it, I pushed myself too hard.  I did not use the energy wisely but instead ‘burned myself out‘.

How can a gracious gift from the divine come with such a cost, you may ask?

Well, in my belief system – in the divine mind, there is no such thing as time or space.

In our universe, physical manifestation can only be ‘real‘ in time and space, so physical manifestation is not ‘real‘ to the divine because it exists in time and space.

I am therefore just a vision in the mind of the divine, and treated in the same way we invest in our own visions.

Some we pay attention to, some we don’t.  Those we pay attention to become ‘real‘ only for as long as we dwell on them, and then dissipate.

When I asked for help, I believe this spurred a thought process in the mind of the divine, which wondered ‘what if‘ and then dwelled on that.

That ‘thread of thought‘ gave me what I wanted with no regard for the consequences, because in the mind of the divine there are no consequences.  I am not ‘real’.  I am just a figment of divine imagination.

Thus, I got what I wanted, and I got more than I wanted.  And a lesson was learned.

(Which is what I believe is the key of our ‘existence’ – learning about the consequences of relationship with any element in our ‘manifest existence’…  What we learn, the divine learns, about itself…)

So what was the lesson I learned (…or reaffirmed) ?  Timing.

It is said that all things in the ‘manifest universe‘ happen in their ‘own time and place’, when they are ready.

Pushing those limitations may sometimes seem to be a good thing, because say – for instance – a door is stuck closed, and needs to be forced open so that traffic can go through again…

In the mind of the divine, however, the door is created from elements confined by the ‘laws‘ that shape the ‘physical universe‘.  Like all elements in the physical universe, it is therefore as prone to change as any element of vision.  In time, it dissipates – elements naturally break down and become something else, (like crumbling dust on the floor). 

(The same in-built ‘laws of change’ will also see our bodies eventually die).

In my mind, the divine sees no need to force things, because change is inevitable.

We, however, do not have immortal bodies, so time is important to us.  (While the divine may think we are just figments of its imagination, we feel very ‘real’ to ourselves!)  As our bodies degrade with age, time is especially precious.  If we have things we still want to do, there is a feeling that time is ‘running out‘.

Pushing open a stuck door can have consequences.  Maybe a hinge comes off.  Maybe the door was swollen and needs planing to move freely again.  Maybe the lock doesn’t work so well after it has been busted open.

Our bodies are like that, too.  When the natural state of things is forced, there are consequences to deal with.

When we force our way through time, trying to get more done than we can naturally do whilst keeping all else in balance and harmony, there are consequences.

In praying for more energy, because I did not want to spend too long resting and rejuvenating, or did not want to wait for more progress to arrive in its own good time, I got what I wanted.  The door was forced open.  But now things are racing ahead, and that includes my own heart

Timing, therefore, is something we should all take into account.

Maybe that, too, is why such spiritual paths as Buddhism and Taoism espouse ‘living in the moment‘.

When you are ‘living in the moment‘, you are not thinking about the past, when you did so many things you now feel you have to live up to, and you are not thinking about the future, where you feel you have to make it measure up to or be more than your past.  You are just being alive, moment to moment, and experiencing the fullness of each second.  Just like Nature does.

Now, my own rashness and over-compelling desires have left me with the consequences of living in a human body in a physical world.  I was my own ‘worst enemy‘ and so, despite wanting to keep progressing, I am now forced to rest and recover.

Even metaphysical healing takes time in the ‘real‘ world.

There are positives, though.  I have more time to watch the beautiful green and red ‘king‘ parrots sitting in the jacaranda tree growing beside our lounge room patio, who are taking turns to feed on the honey-soaked birdseed cake hanging off the rustic bird house, hanging there.

With that sort of view, rest can be delightful!

(P.S. To those who might be concerned about my health, I’m not completely silly… I am also seeing a doctor to get things checked, just in case I do need some ‘outside help’ this time… It doesn’t hurt to have back up).


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

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