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picture courtesy of freepik.com
picture courtesy of freepik.com

I’m finding it hard to keep up with things right now. I banged my knee a few weeks ago, as I rushed past a low table corner. It seemed okay for a couple of days and then it just got very painful.

There was no swelling, no bruising, just the pain and tenderness. I treated it as well as I could. Wrapped it up for a while to give it some rest. Stayed off it at times when it got too much, (which is hard when you have a lot to do), and have even been using a crutch, on and off.

I was speaking to my aunt on the phone about it dragging on. We’d also been talking earlier about my work and I had told her how I always put some blessing and healing into the products I wrap up for posting. She told me maybe I should give some to myself – but I already had.

That’s something that people don’t often understand about healing. Just like other processes in life, there are limitations to what can be achieved through it. In my case, I was able to give myself ease for a while, and things did seem to be progressing slowly toward recovery, but then I went to a social event, left my crutch behind, and joined in some fun physical activity I should not have engaged in just yet. That set me back to square one.

In my spiritual philosophy, I have come to believe that life in the physical realm is shaped by the code of a divine computer program. I have also come to accept that this means that there are certain limitations caused by inherent laws that have to be accommodated in any scenario.

I believe that one of the laws inherent in the life we lead in these cosmos is that of cellular degeneration. Because of that law, repairs can only ever be temporary. By that I mean that even if you manage to repair a body part and that body part lives on with a healthy status, all life still has an endpoint, so all cells eventually degenerate.

That’s what I believe is the human condition. That’s the way I think things just are on planet Earth.

Even if scientists find a way to prolong the life of cells or to keep regenerating them, I’m doubtful they will ever discover the secret formula that will enable an ‘elixir of life’ that ensures a permanent optimum physical state, just because of this inherent law that I believe is coded into our existence.

I think that law is necessary. Without it, people would never die. If people never died, we’d have a world crisis in no time if we kept on having babies. So I believe the law is in-built to ensure that we are only in bodies for a time. After that, in my belief system, we have to shed the body and return to who we are without one.

(I believe in reincarnation and the nigh immortal life of spirit).

Because of that law being inherent in the coding of life, I believe that other things become apparent. People can get sick. They can become disabled. They can physically suffer. If cells are able to degenerate so we can die, then that weakness also makes us prone and vulnerable under other circumstances.

You may think that the program should have been better designed. Well tell that to the worldly whizzbang tech heads who create the absolute best programs for computers today. They are always doing rewrites, always adjusting glitches, always putting programs onto the market before they are perfect because you really cannot know everything that is going to result from coding, no matter how much you attempt to predict it, until the program is being used.

I believe that God’s mind is no different to that of those worldly geniuses. I actually believe that everything that is manifest reveals something of God’s nature and God’s processes, just as an artwork or a novel reveals an element of the mind or processes of the artist or writer that created it. So, for me,  the way computer programming actually pans out in the world gives me a heads up as to how divine code pans out in the universe.

God thinks a program into being and tries things out. It sees what works and what doesn’t and makes adjustments. That’s why some things become extinct or get wiped out, and why others survive.

(I’m not trying to be cold about that process. Such things can be hard to accept when you’re faced with the tragedies that come with life. I’m just talking about the bottom line of God’s coding, about the way such elements come into being).

Despite using spiritual or metaphysical healing, myself, my understanding of these modes is that (in a way) they are programming ‘cheats’ that enable us to gain ground on the ‘game of life’, to skip levels and pass by the hard yards of effort it usually takes to reach other levels.

In my estimation, that’s not always a good thing, even though our human minds are in-built with a sense of compassion that wants to fix every problem of suffering that assails us or those we love or care about.

Just like in a computer game, by skipping levels we may be missing out on relevant things or bits of education we should be picking up on as we make our way through the ‘game of life’.

Even as I complain about the things that assail me, I do believe that there actually are divine reasons for why we experience suffering, why we experience pain, and why we experience illness.

(Note: Yes, I’m talking about God and the divine, here, but I’m not pushing a faith. I’m just showing how my mind thinks about such things, and how I have found some answers. Call God or the divine whatever you want. For me, they are words that help you understand the concepts I’m trying to get across, concepts you may have difficulty understanding if I didn’t assign such words to them).

I don’t believe that there is some entity in the universe that is out to get us. I don’t believe in good God, bad God or Devil scenarios. What I believe about these apparent flaws in our existence is that we are naturally immortal in our true spirit form, and that our bodies and this environment we live in are only programmed tools that allow us to experience such things as relationship, or even excitement, whether these process as good or bad.

I believe that, as pure spirit, we miss out on the nitty gritty that only comes with physical experience. It’s like theory versus practice. As spirit, we may know something of the way things should work, but we can’t confirm that until we put spirit into a body and actually go through the mechanism of how they work.

For me, our bodies are vehicles that allow our spirit to enter into a highly sensory, extremely superb and intricate virtual reality that we call our world.

In my view, the cosmic programmer therefore doesn’t think about our lives the way we do (when we are in physical form). The cosmic programmer knows that, like when your body goes on a roller coaster ride in this physical realm, (as your true spirit self) you’re going to get off at the end okay.

I was taught to direct my energies in spiritual or metaphysical healing many years ago, now. (You may know what this is by the term, Reiki, which is a popular form of it, though not the style I use). I’ve given plenty of healing to others in my lifetime. Some have been cured. Some only found solace, comfort, or relief. Some felt no effect at all.

When my thirteen year old son was mowed down by a van on a busy road many years ago and ended up in hospital, they didn’t expect he would ever recover from the brain injury and body trauma he suffered. The neurosurgeon told me quite bluntly that he didn’t expect my son to ever be anything but a ‘vegetable.’

I listened but knew I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I went home and got my healing gemstones and essential oils and brought them back to the hospital to begin working all the skills I had been taught. My husband helped me in that endeavor as we gave our son massage and healing therapy twice daily, stinking out the children’s ward with the aromatherapy.

(I believe in a destiny that has some options for choice of direction in it, so I’m not a complete fatalist. I also believe that until you try things out, you don’t really know which way things will go. Intuition and clairvoyance gives you an inkling, but I’ve learnt that prophecy is always nebulous until it establishes in the physical realm as reality. Until that happens, there are always choices that can be made that may divert the way things are going. So while my son was for all intents and purposes a ‘vegetable’ at the time, I intended to give him every possible tool I had available to help him ‘come back’. You just never know…)

The Mater was a Catholic run hospital and many of the nurses were nuns. (I’m a self-styled new age pagan though I was reared as a christian – but I do honor all modes of respecting the divine). Despite our unorthodox methods, they accommodated our efforts. Catholics still believe that God works in mysterious ways and that miracles do happen.

Miracles happened for our son. He did not remain a ‘vegetable’. He did learn to walk, talk, and even eat again over the long course of a year. He did get out of a wheelchair the year after that, (though half his body is still paralyzed), and today he leads a relatively normal life and has been married and has children of his own – but he is still disabled. All our best efforts could not restore him completely.

I believe that there were destined reasons why his body had to be limited. Anyway, that is what I told myself and it may be true, but I also believe that part of the reason it happened is because there really are limitations to what can be achieved in the cosmos we live in, despite our best efforts and desires.

I know that this idea goes against the belief in the ‘power of positive thinking’ and ‘abundance creation’ but it is true to the threads of tantra and vedism that formed part of my metaphysical education. For me, while it’s okay to process magical or divine intervention on our behalf, we also need to be realistic enough to accept the laws that shape our existence and limit our world.

This concept is no different to measuring the limitations of a virtual reality computer game. It may seem to be limitless as you explore its many features but it can actually only be accessed to the degree that the game has been coded into existence.

Programming always has limitations. Even in ‘God’s dream’, the divine concept that creates the programming of our reality is only a thread of thought that measures just so far…

If you want new levels that don’t exist, those new levels have to be thought and programmed into reality, first. They aren’t just ‘there.’

That may be where prayer or magic comes into play. If you appeal to God’s focus, and God thinks your appeal is worthy of attention, then God, the programmer, may invent new lines of coding that will help you out. (Do remember that this depends on whether your appeal is worthy of attention, though – or if your needs don’t clash with God’s concepts and intentions).

When damage is done in our physical realm, I believe that there are also laws in place that measure how quickly something can progress and evolve. Brain cells can actually regenerate, but they are one of the body cells that take an extremely long time to do so. Years, in fact. The miracle of healing is not always fast.

Even spiritual and metaphysical healing that actually gets a result often takes time to evolve that result. You often only realize its measure because the time it takes to be effective is far quicker than what usually happens with healing on pure physical levels.

So, here I am at this time with my body still dealing with the reality of injury. I’m finding that getting tasks done is very limited right now. I’ve given myself some healing, but it’s taking time to get there.

I do have to acknowledge, though, that I’m still getting a lot done that most people would not be able to do under such physical circumstances.

That is my measure for the healing. It is doing it’s work, but I keep extending the time line for complete effect because I keep diverting energy to achieve other things.  You have to be sensible about these things! You have to be aware of how they work.

On the other hand, as I push through the injury and find myself up against it, I am sometimes forced to take time out to rest.

Then I wonder about the cosmic thread of that. Maybe my ‘angels’ are working on my welfare (that I am ignoring as I push through tasks to get them done). Maybe it was time I took a break, but I wasn’t allowing that to happen. Maybe I have been working too hard…

Maybe the universe saw how many television shows I’d been recording so I could catch up them on later – but I had kept myself so busy that I hadn’t caught up on them yet. Forced to put my feet up from time to time, I’ve been catching up on almost all of them. I was running out of room on the hard drive, but now there is space for a whole lot more…



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