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And let the gods, too, be healed…


For a long time, now, I have been struggling with some personal issues that I have not been able to resolve.

When that happens, I tend to withdraw into the quieter recesses of my life and reach out less into the wider world.

It’s not that I become a recluse or hermit, because I still engage on practical levels, still do my work and ply my business, and still interact in small moments as I meet people in those activities, but generally I go into a mode where you could say that my mental and emotional interactions with most others outside of my intimate circle is on ‘standby.’

This is more about a process of realignment. 

When things are overwhelming and nothing can be done about them, outwardly, the only way you can really deal with them is internally.

But when your internal processes are full of pain, misery, perplexion, doubt, confusion, vacillation, ceaseless questions, etc., you cannot deal with such overwhelming things until you have first cleared the inner work area. 

And that means a need for inward focus and concentration.

It means an inner-dwelling, and withdrawing somewhat from the outer world to enable that self-examination and cleansing process.

This is the same sort of process that buddha used to find enlightenment.

The buddha, himself, became so perplexed and despairing at the futile results from his teaching efforts, at one stage, that he went and sat under a bodhi tree, determined not to move from his meditative pose until he either got some answers, or died.

I’m not quite ready to be that extreme, but I do know that the enlightenment the buddha received was simply that__life is ruled by certain embedded laws in the physical realm__that form the destinies of those incarnate in it__and which cannot be changed until the people involved in those destinies are ready for change. 

So the best thing you can do is to be merciful and compassionate toward those caught up on that worldly merry-go-round and just get on with the business of enjoying living.

For me, this mode is enabled because I have an eclectic spirituality that recognizes the creative force of god in all things, in all elements of creation, and in all people.

Now, I’m going to do a lot of talking about this god force, in the following essay, along with gods, goddesses, and supernatural entities.

I also have friends who are atheists, and they jack up whenever they hear the word, god, so let me say here that these words are just definitions used by humans to explain concepts.  You can call them whatever you like, so long as the end concept is the same.

For myself, I believe that this god force not only creates our physical universe, but the spiritual and transcendental universes, as well.

I believe it creates the many other dimensions of parallel reality to our own, and the many levels of reality above and below our own.

And I believe it creates all the inhabitants and consistent elements of any of these, inclusive of gods and goddesses, devas, devis, asuras, demons, and elemental entities.

My god is neutral in all areas of its manifestation.

Because it is the beginning and the end of all manifestation, and the source of all existence, I believe it refers only to itself when it creates.

For the god force I believe in, there is no black or white or shades of grey, in such matters__there only is what is.

This is no different to how any artist in any medium might express themselves.

Just because a painter might paint a ‘dark‘ subject matter, or a film maker might produce a ‘horror‘ story, does not necessarily reflect on their soul or inner purity.

It is usually for them just a creative expression which examines such a subject or a story thread, and so it is for the god force I believe in.

The trouble I see in this, for us, is that we are the subject matter, and ours is the story.  We are the elements of this creation.

This means that, caught up in the inherent rules that hold our reality together, we are embedded in the process of that examination, and so the bad stuff affects us as much as the good stuff does.

For the god force I believe in, however, none of this matters in the end because, like a replicator machine on a Star Trek spaceship (or like one of the artists I previously mentioned), it just pulls in the matter it was experimenting with when it is finished with it and recycles it into something new.

That is akin to us examining our thought processes, discarding what is useless or obsolete, and capitalizing on what remains to forge a new thought process.

In our physical reality, though, I believe we are the thought processes of the god force, feeling and living as apparently separate entities.

And as those apparently separate entities, we don’t want to just suffer and be discarded, because that feels meaningless to us.

Such modes feel like our life has no purpose other than as a plaything or as an experimental expression of the god force.

Spiritually, the truth I believe in goes something like this__we are the god force__so we are never lost, we are never non-existent, and we are never discarded.

When you are struggling with the storyline of your life, however, and dealing with what definitely feels real and assailing, it is extremely difficult to align yourself with such a concept.

The absolute and only way to deal with it is to recognize the schism between reality and spirituality.

Even the Tibetan Dalai Lama has expressed this mode in reference to his own life, where he admits he is both a human being, with all the flaws and failings that may go with that incarnation, and an enlightened spiritual being.

On some days, he says he gets pissed off if the radio is not playing his favorite channel, or he tells of how he used to get jealous seeing his brother riding a bicycle when he was a kid and he was forced to study.  Yet he is also an enlightened being who can key into the truth of the cosmos whenever a question is put to him, providing answers to those who ask.

This is what I believe to be the nature of the reality we live in.

It is what I believe is the nature of any level of reality__even the levels of reality where the supernatural live__the levels of gods and goddesses, etc.

In my estimation, we are both expressions embedded in the reality created and the god force creating it.

I believe we are both human and god.

This is why I feel that our human lives can be so frustrating, because it takes a lot of enlightenment, or awakening in the mind of the cosmic divine, to make the flexible adjustments necessary to be able to deal with that apparent truth.

Most people don’t seem able to.  And religion doesn’t seem to help them to, because religion is usually about aligning people to a notion that god is a distant figure, a figure to worship and kowtow to, and a figure to honor as being separate to oneself.

Yet, if we are god and all is god and we are the recyclable expressions of god, then we are never distant from god and never separate.  We are god, itself.

In the Vedic stories of the creation of our universe, the gods and goddesses and demons all churned the milky oceans of the cosmos to bring our reality into being.

In the process, they got caught up in the endless struggle between good and badgods and demons.

They got caught up in their own level of ‘reality‘, that seemed to be an endless fight for the upper hand.

The god force decided to alter the game play and sent in an element of itself called Dhanvantari (pronounced dah-hun-vun-tar-ay).

Dhanvantari came bearing gifts, including the nectar of immortality, or amrita.

Now, as human beings caught up in our own story telling, when we talk of immortality and elixirs that enable it, we usually think only that it means living forever.

But if you put aside those stories and concentrate on the spiritual truths I referred to__the god force is already immortal, and all elements of it are therefore already immortal, and so we, too, are already immortal.

We’re just not immortal in our present incarnation or in our worldly expression as a human being.  We’re only immortal as recycling elements of the god force.

The only reason that such a notion seems to pain us is because we like to think of ourselves as completely separate entities, with free will to be and do whatever we want to be.

We don’t really like the concept of being swallowed up into some greater being that rules over us.

To define this, I remember going into a trance mode in my shower many years ago (odd place, I know) and seeing a vast wonder of (what I can only describe as) an orgy of slithering cosmic energy slugs in a rainbow of colors.

I ‘knew‘ that this thriving and burgeoning energy was the god force in motion, creating.  And I felt that if I stood there watching long enough, I would be absorbed into those colors and become part of them. And that thought made me feel panic that my life may about to be over.  Which made me wake up from the trance, so I could return to my husband and children, who I was thoroughly enjoying being with at the time.

I believe that this mode, however, of wanting to feel alive and of wanting to feel individual is just part of the worldly process that shapes us.

We are born into the world with ambition, with a willingness to grow, to prosper and thrive, to fight for survival, and to interact with all other elements of our existence in order to do these things, and especially, to explore relationships.

This is how I believe the god force has fun through us, and with itself.  It creates challenges to explore, and we are the pieces on the cosmic chess table.

Yet I believe we are also the god force moving the pieces on that table.  It is us, playing with ourselves through this divine thought process.

For me, it is us imagining scenarios and playing them out.

And that is the only way I believe we are really separate.

In the manifestation of all the levels of reality, I feel that the same challenges apply.  There may be different scenarios to deal with, and different character applications, but the same effective schism between what appears to be and what is applies, whether you are human or a divine being.

So even those who are enlightened or who are divine beings manifesting in human form, can temporarily feel lost in the play.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, he is said to have cried out ‘Why hast thou forsaken me?

When buddha sat under the bodhi tree looking for enlightenment, he did so because he had reached a state of despair that seemed to have no answers.

When the gods and goddesses churned the cosmic oceans with the asuras and demons, they, too, forgot the cosmic reality and got caught up with the physical expressions of their own level of reality.

So Dhanvantari arrived with the amrita, which was not a pot of elixir enabling immortality__in truth, it was a reminder that all is not what it appears to be, and that, being the elements of the god force that they were, they were never impotent and were always immortal.

The only thing that they had to learn to deal with, then, was the knowledge that they were in a process of the game play, and that all game play eventually comes to an end.

In our human world, sometimes this cosmic game play only comes to an end when our lives come to an end.

But for me, embedded in all existence is this knowledge of the god force and how it expresses itself through us.

In my belief, all existence is the expression of the god force, for better or worse.

In all such existence I believe, as elements of the god force, there is an  inherent mode for change.

Dhanvantari also expresses this mode because he is also known as the healer of the gods, and the father of ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient art of finding the spiritual element in plants and mineral elements, that can help to readjust the spiritual element in ourselves, and therefore lead to physical healing.

Like the amrita, ayurvedic medicine is a knowledge of the divine that is embedded in our physical reality__because no matter what game play we are embroiled in, the belief remains that the essential god force is always present.

Therefore, by referring to that underlying and inherent factor, I believe we can realign ourselves and our lives.

We may not be able to change the game in play, though.

Buddha‘s physical body got old and died.

Jesus‘ body was put to death on the cross.

When the Vedic gods went to Vishnu and asked for their power to be restored because the demons had usurped it, they were simply told to wait things out, because this is the nature of things__nothing lasts forever.

It seems that even gods and goddesses, and the enlightened, can become caught up in the nature of their physical existence, and in the assailments that come to them in that existence.

Illness and assailment seem to come to anyone in any form and on any level of manifesting existence, no matter how pure of heart or mind they are, or how much they do to keep themselves healthy and peaceful__even to gods and goddesses manifesting in transcendent realms.

And even though the god Shiva is said to have consumed the poisons of the cosmos that were created from the struggles between the gods and demons during the churning of existence__he, too, remained marked forever by the blue of that poison. (So long as he incarnates as the god, Shiva, anyway).

It seems that such threads being explored by the creative god force just need certain things to happen, and those things can feel very bad to us, and can have a very bad apparent effect on our incarnating lives, and even on the lives of those incarnated in divine realms.

I’m not saying that good effects never happen, but I am focusing on the bad stuff that undermines us, here, so please go with that flow.

Nor am I saying at all that, since we have little control over what happens to us, those who are inclined to do bad things should be allowed to do so without resistance.

Remember that Vishnu says that all things are cyclic and all modes come to an end, so there is a time for reckoning and adjustment at the end of each phase.  Bad modes will always be adjusted by good ones, even as good ones can temporarily be assailed by bad ones.

On a more human level, I have taoist friends who still take umbrage against buddhists because of the political turmoil between them, and because of dogmatic differences.

Yet, in the expression of taoism, it is said that we are all on par, all equal, and all part of the flow of life, of whatever is, and so all elements of creation should be met equally and with aplomb__and still my friends sit in opposition to the buddhists and shudder when buddhist images are shown to them.

Even the most enlightened of us can therefore become too embedded in the reality of our game play.

The picture on this page is of a brass statue of Dhanvantari that I have on one of my altars at home.  He reminds me of my divine self.

This is not about promoting myself as being better than anyone or anything else.  It is simply an enablement.

Because by remembering my inner truth, and the truth of my existence on this planet, I can align better to the game play.

I can remember that the processes of what is happening to me, that rattle and assail me, and that seem to be causing damage or awful situations is part of the game play.

In remembering my inner truth, I can understand that such processes are not me.  They are not part of me.  They are only what is affecting my body and the life surrounding my body.

I never have to let them into my soul if I choose not to.

And in not letting them into my soul, I am not letting them affect my attitudes or self-aligned modes.

And I can remain detached even in the thick of it.

And I can remain accepting even of the fate of it.

This what I believe is amrita, the gift of the god force that is present in all elements of existence.  It is a knowledge of divine truth and it’s ceaseless immortality.

Finally, part of my daily mantras are om ma ni pad me hum and om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

These are important to me because they reveal two basic keys to living – may all beings be happy, and may the joy of god be manifest.

Whatever happens in life, we can still know happiness and joy, simply by realigning our attitudes.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine.

A Beautiful Life


I see God as a Creator entity and, as such, one that is reflected somewhat in myself, since I, also, am a creator.

After I create things, I am often fascinated by how they take on a life of their own.

As a creator, I have a nebulous idea of what it is I want to create, and as I work with that idea I can see where things are going and how they will pan out.

As you may know from previous essays I’ve written with a subject of God in them, I view all Creation as having been thought of and emerged from God’s Mind.  For me, God dreams, or God thinks, the Cosmos into being.  And we, as elements of those Cosmos, are also thought into being.

Using the ‘As Above, So Below‘ motto, and its vice versa – God is a Creator like me, and I am a creator, too – it’s moot to think that God also only has a nebulous idea about what It wants to create, and just works with ideas and sees how they pan out.

I believe that God, too, is absolutely fascinated in how what It creates takes on a life of it’s own.

If you’re wondering how such a thing would manifest, then think on how we humans each assess artworks differently, or read novels with widely varying points of view or assumptions.

Often, the artist or writer doesn’t even have the observer’s ideas or feelings about their work, but will still be fascinated to know these interesting results, which represent how the work has taken on a life of it’s own.

When I am creating a work, and still have my hand on it, the work can begin to take on a life of it’s own even before I have finished – and that is not always a ‘good‘ thing.

Sometimes, that is not a direction I really want my work to be taking.  Or perhaps it is just not ‘coming to life‘ in the way I wanted it to.

This is also how ‘bad‘ things can happen in a Universe that God created – not because God intentionally made them that way, but because once the work was created, it took on a life of it’s own.

For me, then, if the piece I am working on does not feel quite right, I tend to add a bit more (rather than ‘take away’) and suddenly the piece feels ‘good’.  

This can be as simple as placing a couple of dots near the corner of a person’s eye in their portrait, that turn a flat stare into a character ‘twinkle‘.  Or it can be the addition of a few words to a written paragraph, that turns an obscure thought into a clarified one.

Taking away and cleaning up are not always the solutions to a brilliant outcome.  Sometimes, addition is the key.  You just have to consider what it is that needs to be added.

Perhaps, like myself, when things don’t seem to be working for God, It also adds elements in the hope of a better result.

I think God adds elements far more often than it ever ‘cleans up‘ or ‘takes away‘, though of course those modes are also possible.  Let’s face it, God is not only the Creator but also the Destroyer.  What God brings into being, God can take away, as the saying goes.  But if you look at the extreme variety of creatures manifested on Earth, alone, and then consider that this extreme variety is probably manifested in the many layers of dimensions and the multiple realities of world upon world, then God appears to have been very busy at adding elements.

Now, as an artist, I know that there are times when an artwork doesn’t seem to be working out, no matter what I do to it – especially with certain types of materials.  Like an oil painting – there is only so much you can do to fix an oil painting before it becomes obvious that you just have to give up on what you were trying to ‘bring through‘ and paint over the whole shebang.

It’s possible, even probable, that God has painted over shebangs many times in It’s existence.  But if you consider that It is a Being who really likes to fix things, and has aeons long history of adding elements, far more than taking them away, then this poses a picture where God is working like mad as a Creator to make ‘bad‘ things ‘good‘ right now.

In our lives, there are often times when ‘bad‘ things don’t seem ever able to be made ‘good‘.  You do everything you can, just so you have covered every possible action or mode, and they still don’t seem to work out.

In modern times, the common mode in such cases is to ‘walk away‘ from such things and begin again without them.  But in my case, and I believe this is God‘s case, too, even as I feel I have to put up with such scenarios while I am unable to do much about them, my mind and heart is constantly working behind the scenes on possible solutions, and waiting for an opportunity to arise to try them out.

For God, this has precedence.  In many spiritual scriptures of varying faiths, there are often stories related to ‘dark times’ or times when nothing could be done against what seemed to be a surge of ‘evil‘ in the world – but God knew that the laws of physical reality meant that all moves in cycles, and that change was inevitable.  So all God had to do was wait things out and eventually things would change enough so that God could insert those solution elements and move It’s Creation into happier states of existence.

You can tell that I don’t align with a God force as defined in some scriptures, that feels a need to destroy the world as payback to an erring human race.

My God simply doesn’t need to do that.  It knows very well that humankind is a blink in the reality of Time, and all It needs is to wait and something else will eventually replace them, if It really felt that way about them.  Which I also don’t believe since, as a Creator, God loves all Its creations.  And that is something I know of, too, as an artist.

Good‘ or ‘bad‘, maybe I don’t like some pieces as much as others, but every piece I create has an element of me in it and a piece of my heart.  Which is why when one doesn’t work out, I try so hard to fix it.

When it comes to life situations, especially with other people, I have long had similar modes.  I invest a piece of my heart in every relationship I have been intimate with.

(That intimacy is just the closeness I felt, and the modes of opening up that I had with those people, not necessarily sexual).

And when those relationships become ‘troubled‘ or go ‘up end‘, my artist self tries very hard to fix things (sometimes with more passion and noise than people can take, but that’s the artist in me – my ‘force of nature’).

The trouble is that in some relationships, or in some circumstances, the fixing seems so impossible that a sense of suffering sets in.

I find myself wondering why the other person can’t see things differently, or is not willing to try different modes – because I can clearly see solutions and possibilities, and I don’t understand why they are giving up – especially when the heart has been involved.

I find it hard to understand how people can ‘hurt your heart’ so much, when they said and showed they cared.

So when such things happen, I go through extreme ‘gut churns’, sometimes for a very long time.

My mind finds it hard to let go, and I re-examine every ince of the circumstances, over and over, to try to find out why and what exactly happened.

That mode, again, is the artist in me, trying to make things better.  But it’s a painful experience, and if I dwell in those modes too long they can undermine me – especially where no solutions are possible at the time, or even in the forseeable future.

Sometimes, all you can do is let go and move on with your life.

I know this seems to be easy for modern humans, especially those of younger generations, these days, but this mode has never been easy for me, nor for others of my generation who were brought up to believe in making the best of things, in recycling things rather than throwing them out, and in taking pride in the craftsmanship of making things work.

Ultimately, if I dwell in such modes for too long, it is I who needs healing.  My spirit becomes assailed by the sense of hopelessness, ostracization, and rejection, even when there is so much else going on in my life and so many others who bring blessings with them.  The artist in me just hates letting go.

Luckily, I am also a healer, and I can heal myself.  It does take focus and effort, though, because these painful modes of not giving up are well embedded.  But with greater effort and some ritual, I am able to realign.

You can probably tell at this stage that I have been undergoing some very painful experiences in my life for a while now.

Like God, I have not been still whilst such things are going on, but have continued to ply my life and be creative, as always.

Fact is, as pain became more resident, my creativity has stepped up.  That creator part of me has been madly trying to restore beauty and wonder and magic in my life, and to fix the ongoing problems causing the pain, even if certain elements are still not ‘coming to the party‘ any more.  But despite my best efforts and an outflow of creative manifestation, the ‘gut churns’ kept coming, and I kept having moments of utter misery.

Now, looking at God, again, imagine that this Creator is also feeling utterly miserable because no matter what It does to try to fix things, or how much artistic creation is added to the equation, what It wants to fix is simply unable to be fixed at this stage.

God being miserable?  That’s a new concept, isn’t it?  But it’s a thought that popped into my mind as I was doing my special rituals to help myself, recently.

I have been intensifying my mantras and prayers, and doing deep meditation and ‘sending‘ in order to heal others and the world around me – because I really seemed unable to heal what was happening in my own life, with others I was once close to.

So I thought, I will just create my own world, bring the type of world I enjoy living in into being, and will send out joy into the world to make it a happier place, and will send out love and compassion into the world to help all beings be happy.

These are, of course, bottom line tenets of buddhism, taoism, and vedism.  But my prayers have intensified, and the results felt very good.

I’m not sure what is happening in the greater world, or with the others who caused so much pain but are no longer in my life, but in my immediate environment things have become lighter and more joyful, and the people I live and work with are happier.

There are some who visit me in spirit when I do these mantras and meditations, including some who died this year, who were part of the pain and trouble.  I realized that they came because of the intensity of love and healing being emitted, and because that emission encompassed all beings, everywhere, and on every level of reality, including theirs.  And I hope that they will be healed and can move on to a better state of existence.

While I cannot honestly forgive what they did, I am aware that all beings are fallible.  In a creative universe, how could that not be so?  Because flaws are part of the beauty of all Art.

So I am able to move on, and even while I may not forgive what happened I can put it in context and thereby put it aside as just being part of the processes of existence.

What surprised me during these rituals was that I found myself not only taking in the world and it’s creatures, and humankind, but also the supernatural levels, the gods, goddesses, and angels.

It struck me that forgiveness and mercy is not something that can ever be fully resident anywhere so long as people so completely classify and categorize and outcast those who have erred – and the supernatural ‘fallen‘ have been classified thus for aeons.

Perhaps, as in my own feelings toward others who ‘did me wrong‘, forgiveness is not always possible, but accommodation is.

If we are All elements stemming from the One being, or God, then ignoring or making outcast of any other element so completely is like an amputation.

Even though amputations may sometimes seem the best solution to a physical body, amputees can attest that a ‘phantom‘ remains, that keeps connecting to the missing part.

If so, then so long as we simply try to cut out such unwanted people or entities from our lives, as if they no longer belong, we will always be ‘haunted‘ by their ‘phantoms.’

I believe that even if an entity does need to be permanently removed, it should still  be treated with respect and consideration, because it is still another natural element of God’s existence.

Associate that mode with body parts, and think of yourself as the mouth and the one you want to get rid of as the arsehole.  The mouth may not want to kiss the arsehole, but it acknowledges that the arsehole has a purpose and belongs to the same body.

The trouble, however, in most cases of exile, appears to come not from the separation so much as the ongoing propaganda and slander, that sends curses through the ether to the amputated.

This is how we cultivate rebounding effects.  Because just as there is power in positive thinking, there is also power in negative thinking.

Every time we focus on the ‘bad‘ things or people in our lives, or that were once in our lives, we align to ‘bad‘ feelings.  That is the same ‘phantom‘ effect, and it has consequences.

Those consequences leave us feeling ‘bad‘ even after we think we have moved on and claimed a better life for ourselves.

So, when it comes to the supernatural ‘fallen,’ the same goes.  While we may not want their modes in our lives any more, or feel they don’t fit with our existence, they still deserve respect and consideration as do any  other elements of God’s body.

It struck me that God seems to have been focusing on the ‘bad‘ for far too long, and that this focusing on the ‘bad‘ may have made It, too, feel miserable.

Now, when a human artist feels miserable, the tone of the creation can change, and they might start creating things that are ‘dark‘.  But as an ‘oddballcreator, myself, who never creates ‘dark‘ things from the ‘dark‘ feelings I may be undergoing, I don’t believe God is one of those types of creators, either.

Whenever I have created things after painful episodes in my life, (or during them), they were even more superb in outcome than usual, because I use my creative skills to re-establish what is important to mebeauty, magic and a sense of healing.

But as I said before, when painful things keep happening, the ‘gut churns’, nevertheless, and even as the beauty and magic shimmers from these creations, I can still end up feeling miserable.

So this thought came to me that God is an artist just like me, trying so hard to re-establish the beauty and magic and sense of healing in our world, and trying to balance out the ‘darkness‘ that seems to be becoming rife in so many places – but, because It’s efforts have not stopped that ‘darkness‘, the pain of that apparent failure and it’s accompanying sense of hopelessness is making God miserable.  And when God feels miserable, we begin to feel miserable, too.

What is that misery?  It is a sense of despair or hopelessness, or of self-doubt and worry, that overrides everything that is beautiful and wonderful in our lives, even when everything otherwise appears to be blessed and good.

It is that lack of appreciation for what we have, and for what we have the potential to do, and a lack of gratitude for life, itself.

It gets ‘under our skin‘ and ‘deep into our hearts‘, and stops progress, and creates obstacles that may not even really be there.  And, in this way, it affects all life on planet Earth – because, these ‘pebbles in the pond‘ create ripples that spread outward to contact everything and everyone.

That was when I included God as a particular focus in my prayers – and myself.

Because I rarely include myself in such things.  I just feel that if I make all others or the world around me feel better, then I will feel better, and that is often the way – but it is also the way that I neglect myself.  I neglect my own needs, or neglect my physical well-being, even as I send healing to others.

And so I believe that God has forgotten to send healing to itself, too.   I believe God needs some healing and care.   As the saying goes, who heals the healer?

So now I am focusing on God in my mantras in a very new way – and helping God, too, ‘be happy.’

There’s no point cleaning the pond to gain crystal clear water if the source of that water is compromised.

If what God thinks, God brings into being – and therefore, as elements of God’s mind, we can also bring our thoughts into being – then thinking God into a state of happiness should have a good result for all.

This is the Power of Positive Thinking at an archetypal level. This is refreshing the Source.

Let’s all focus on joy, happiness, mercy, kindness and compassion, and stop thinking about the bad things or bad elements so much.

Let’s trust our inner artistic skills for dealing with whatever crops up when it does crop up, and not think about ‘bad‘ things until they actually happen.

Let’s get on with living a beautiful life.

Whenever I find my mind dwelling on the ‘bad‘ elements in my life, today, I deliberately put them aside.

I will deal with them when and if I have to confront them.  I have dealt with them before, so I know I have the gumption and skills to do it again, when necessary.

But for now, and for a better future, I will not think of them when I don’t have to.

I am going invest fully in my belief that life will get better, eventually, and that all I need to do right now is to live it with as much appreciation as I can.

I think God is going to do that, too.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine


personal photo by Lilipily Spirit
personal photo by Lilipily Spirit

The beginning of all healing comes from care.

Have you ever heard that love is a ‘healing energy‘?  Yet even those most loved often still need healing.

Healing is an energy that is resident in us from birth.  Stem cell research has discovered that each cell of our body possesses the ability to build and regenerate, but as we get older these processes stop and new cells become faulty, leading to degeneration and physical aging.

Through laboratory processes, scientists can now stimulate old body cells to remember their innate ability for regeneration and to multiply by building new cells.  This is how medical science is beginning to provide material for repairing organs today.

In fact, the basis for all healing lies in a similar stimulation of the body cells to mend and regenerate, that was resident long before this discovery.

When we seek medical help, it is not a ‘miracle cure‘ effected by doctors that we get, but a stimulation of our own bodies to effect a cure.

Drugs and chemicals are only aids to help the body work better toward helping itself.  When bones knit or cells repair, or when cancer is fought off, it is because our own bodies have worked toward that end.

Even surgery that cuts out ineffective or toxic elements from our bodies relies on this natural healing process to ‘kick in‘ to complete the endeavor.

While help from doctors, natural therapists, nutritionists, surgeons, etc., may be needed to direct the course of the healing when our bodies are too assailed and we are at a loss, ultimately all healing comes from within ourselves.

For thousands of years, the stimulation of the body to help itself has been the foundation of a multitude of medicinal and metaphysical approaches to healing.

Yet even metaphysical healing is not healing that comes from another, but is a way of stimulating the body cells to remember their ability to ward off attack, and to refresh and regenerate.

In metaphysical healing, this is done by merging the spiritual energy inhabiting the body of the person so assailed with the spiritual energy of the metaphysical assessor, and – by this strengthened connection –  with the metaphysical energy from the ‘cosmic pool‘ from which all spiritual energy is sourced.

Once this ‘touch‘ with the ‘cosmic pool‘ reasserts the ‘truth of unbroken contact‘ within the cell memory in the body, the assailed cells can remember their true ability and assert it.

It’s like inserting a capacitor into an electronic circuit board, through which energy flows in a regulated manner.  The merging between a metaphysical or spiritual healer and their patient is like the capacitor, and through this connection both the healer and patient are benefited, (even if the healer’s body becomes temporarily exhausted, later, from carrying a higher energy flow than is physically usual).

In my belief system, each of us is spirit energy inhabiting the avatar of a human body, so we all possess the skill of such an assessor to engage our own body cells, spirit to spirit, and to enable them to remember their ability to self-heal.

Most of the time, though, we don’t focus on ourselves or our own bodies that much – not even if we are healers.

Our energy is often directed into the outer world, toward others, toward issues to do with others, toward issues that affect our welfare or the welfare of others, and toward plying energy in the world.

In that scenario, our bodies are only tools, and as ‘only tools‘ we can far too easily disregard them.

If we do become concerned with our physical health or fitness, we may apply energy toward achieving an optimum condition.  We may seek therapeutic advice or activate exercise or diet modes that seem to bring us ‘back into shape’, yet still find that we have phases where we are exhausted, struggling, or lacking enthusiasm.

This is because healing is not something that can truly be coerced.  Healing is coaxed not coerced.

Because healing is wholistic.

It is about connection, and no amount of advice or tools, methods or even surgery will enable full healing if elements are missing that need to be connected in order to achieve an optimum energy flow.

Even if healing seems apparent despite those elements being missing, time proves that they are relevant because of the other energy levels that become compromised – causing the exhaustion, the struggle, and lack of enthusiasm, etc.

It’s like taking B Group Vitamins.  If you take only one type of B Group Vitamin, you naturally set up an imbalance in the levels of the other B Group Vitamins your body needs, because B Group Vitamins are reliant on each other, and work synergistically.  Each B Group Vitamin must be at a certain level of intake, that is always a constant against the levels of intake of the other B Group Vitamins.  So if you raise the level of one of them, you need to raise the levels of all of them.

When healing is treated wholistically, it is not just the body that is given the necessary elements to foster healing.  The spirit, mental state, and emotions are also attended to.  Because when these are in good states of being, the body is more inclined to regenerate.  (This also works vice versa, which is why exercise can have a therapeutic effect on emotional imbalances such as depression).

In my belief system, there are also spiritual  limitations to what can be healed and what cannot, because of the ‘cosmic laws that bind the physical realm together‘ and shape our ‘destiny‘.

My son, who was disabled in a road accident at age 13, was healed by both doctors and ourselves (we used metaphysical methods).

Even though we believe in the spiritual limitations inherent in life, we did not give up on him just because the world is shaped by such ‘laws of destiny‘.  We remained faithful to the ‘energy of spirit‘ in plying our connections and keeping up the hope of a different outcome.

After all, the future is always a ‘place in flux‘ and, while predictions and prophecies can be made about it, it is never a completely known quantity until it has become an event and passed into history.  Until that happens, there is nothing wrong in trying every avenue possible for change.

However, while our son’s progress in recovery was definitely miraculous, he still has residual impairments today that cannot be changed.

To understand how we assess that as a ‘miracle’, know that prior to this recovery, the doctors had already declared that he was a ‘vegetable’ and would never walk or talk again.

So, the ‘miracle’ happened even though he retains some disabilities.  By asserting our loving connection with him and enabling his assailed body to reconnect with the ‘cosmic pool‘ more effectively, we asserted similar modes to that of modern science, which stimulates stem cells to regenerate.

Our energy helped his energy to remember it could heal.

On  a more mundane level, storms tore through our gardens at home not long ago.  Trees were damaged in their passing, including young rowan (or mountain ash) trees we had planted along our fence line.

One has had a tap root severed, and is hanging on to life through peripheral roots – still thriving, but seriously ‘wonky‘  We still need to construct a cage to help prop that tree, in the hope of enabling it to form a new tap root.

I have no doubt that if this tree had come down in the forest, it would have grown a new root system along its trunk, all reaching into the ground below it’s prone form.  Nature is the grand artist of keeping life going in dramatically new ways… But since we want this tree to shield our view of our neighbor’s roof line, it must be propped until time and the ‘spirit of the tree‘ find a way to heal and regenerate.

The other was split in half right down the center of the trunk.  We propped the pieces back together and the canopy has continued to flourish, but it became clear that the tree would need far more help before it could grow over the gaps caused by such a serious split.

We did consider cutting away the half that kept wanting to make its way to the ground (the other half was strong enough to stand all by itself), but since that half, too, had a canopy that was thriving, it seemed such a shame to kill it (though we would have honored its wood in our carvings).

So we did some research and discovered how others had dealt with similar blows, and the result was that we inserted bolts through the pieces in several places.

We did cut away one branch that was far too heavy to allow healing to occur, but also bolted together another branch that just needed more support to be effective.

personal photo by Lilipily Spirit


personal photo by Lilipily Spirit

Now our young ash tree is akin to a human body full of nuts and bolts after necessary surgery.  Eventually, the tree will grow around the bolts (which allow the heart sap to flow and not be throttled, as can happen when you place bands around a tree).

In decades to come, you won’t even know the bolts are there.

personal photo by Lilipily Spirit


personal photo by Lilipily Spirit


personal photo by Lilipily Spirit

The story of this tree and the work we have done to help it can be used as a metaphor.

We all need help sometimes in order to heal.  Especially if the damage is just too much to do anything about it by ourselves.  Often, the work required to heal in that case is extensive and leaves hidden scars, just like our tree will have inside itself.

The split will be hidden within the tree, never to be discovered until the tree finally comes down, but the damage done will not shorten its life, nor stop it thriving.

personal photo by Lilipily Spirit

As I wrote previously, healing is wholistic.  It encompasses many levels of life, including spiritual, mental and emotional, not just the physical.

In modern times, the modes of thought are often to excise the parts of life that are no longer working, to walk away from bad relationships or bad jobs, to cut off even the beautiful and thriving because it no longer fits with our view of what we want in our lives – but nature shows us that if the spirit is strong, even the worst damage can often be healed, and what may temporarily look like a disaster can once again be a thing of beauty if we take the effort to enact repair and allow time for healing to occur.

Therefore, even the worst and seemingly unhealable splits can re-merge in a unified entity if all parties put in the effort to make things work – or allow the intervention of others to help them do that.

The tragedies of life that affect our deepest selves can also be healed in a similar way, if we open up to accepting a bit of help from others – and where full physical healing is not possible, the mind and spirit can always be regenerated.

Our delightful son is evidence of that, and has earned our respect as our imagined embodiment of the delightful vedic god, Ganesha, with his burgeoning joy for life despite his disabilities.

We all acknowledge the way nature thrives through the worst catastrophes and adapts itself to whatever situation it finds itself in.  Yet we often struggle to align ourselves to the idea that we, as beings of nature, also have this ability.

By remembering our inner source and reconnecting with the ‘cosmic pool of spiritual energy‘ that supplies us, we can rediscover the inherent healing within ourselves, on whatever level that healing is attainable.


P.S. For those who have a similarly split tree, be aware that, despite such surgery, there can be the possibility of further assail if water gets into the split and encourages rot or insect attack.  We used silicon spray to seal the inside of the split.  The spray was able to get into the splintered areas where we would not have been able to inject silicon from a hand gun.  Because it is only a thin coat of spray, we may have to repeat this process every couple of years until the split has grown over.

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Law of Attraction

Digital Art by Lianne, of Lilipily Spirit

There are a lot of people who ply the concept of the ‘Law of Attraction‘ today. For many, this law includes the ‘Power of Positive Thinking‘ and the ‘Threefold Law(e.g., the energy you send out comes back to you threefold).

I’m all for empowerment and self-empowerment. These are the modes I helped found our business with and which underlie much of what I do, today. However, I often find myself shaking my head about the way some people enact this empowerment, and how little it really empowers them because of a lack of understanding of the metaphysics behind the concept.

While many of my own concepts may seem to belong to ‘New Age‘ modes, I was educated via many different streams of metaphysical lore. Among those streams were ‘Tantra‘ and ‘Vedism‘, and other spiritual modes that not only include the ‘Law of Attraction‘ but also an awareness of the harsher facts of life in our cosmos.

I am therefore often blunt and forthright in the way I speak or write about these things, and don’t always use the ‘flowery sweet‘ words that others seem to want today when being addressed about such matters. I’m not very good at such social niceties because my interest lies in the ‘nitty gritty‘ and that sometimes means not sweetening how people take their dose of it.

That said, I’ve processed a lot of problems and difficulties on many different levels throughout my own life, and I am not just a spiritual being but inhabit a human body that is conformed by the laws that shape the world I live in.

Ergo, like any other human being I sometimes overreact to the judgement calls of others, and only later spring back into spiritual shape. On the other hand, I do have a great compassion and empathy for those who are also prone to the human condition.

I was recently contacted by someone who saw fit to accuse me of behaving badly because I responded vehemently to their uninvited and unfounded attacks upon me. I was told to beware of what would come my way because of my emotional responses, and this person then preached to me that they had good grounding to vindicate their attacks because they followed the ‘Law of Attraction‘.

It never once occurred to this person that my responses to their errant assaults might also be due to the ‘Law of Attraction‘.  It never occurred to them that their responses to my responses were not in order, either.

In the course of my correspondence with them, I was suddenly complained to, and told that I did not care about them or their life, and was only concerned with my own. (Remember, this was a stranger to me).  I was then given details of the problems besetting them, (in a way that said I should have already known them because I claim to have some psychic ability).

I found that astonishing because being psychic doesn’t work that way. I don’t go around with my ‘radar‘ on all the time, ‘sussing out‘ people and their problems, because I live in a human body that is naturally prone to emotions and the ideas that sometimes come from emotional reactions. If I kept myself fully open all the time, I’d just be making myself vulnerable to overload and break down.

So unless something important ‘rings a warning bell‘ inside me, or a message arrives via dream or meditation, or I am asked to focus on something in particular to examine, I act as any other human being does.  I live a fairly ordinary life, like most people, most of the time.

As soon as this person revealed the problems underlying their attack upon me, I did focus on those problems and gave them an answer which, hopefully, will soothe them in time. The assault did, however, make me consider the ‘Law of Attraction‘ and how people process that law.

Let me say this. The ‘Law of Attraction‘ and the ‘Law of Karma‘ are exactly the same thing. However, I process those laws differently to what some others, (and even some of the spiritual streams I was educated in), do.

I do not believe in such laws existing simply to punish us when we ‘are wrong.’ I do not believe that such laws follow us from lifetime to lifetime, throughout reincarnational cycles, to punish us because we ‘were wrong.’

For me, such laws are simply guidance measures.  As I understand it, both of these laws are simply the ‘Law of Consequences.’ This law has no agenda. It is simply an in-built mechanism programmed by the universe, (or the cosmos, or divinity), to enable us to learn and to stay on path to follow the destinies we set ourselves (or the cosmos set for us) prior to birth.

The ‘Law of Consequences‘ is put more simply in psychological terms as being the cumulative responses and returns from what we do, think, say, or act.  In other words, we ‘reap what we sow.’

Just thinking positively, smiling a lot, trying to be serene, or enacting rituals or prayers to encourage divine attention to bless us, in my belief does not automatically give us the high ground of any ‘Law of Attraction.’

If you put your hand onto a hot stove, it may be burnt. If you try to swim without learning how to swim, you may drown. If you go out in the rain without an umbrella, you are likely to get wet.  If you build your home at the base of a volcano, (which never really die), there is always a risk of being around when it erupts. I do not believe that any amount of smiling or trying to be serene in such circumstances is going to prevent or stop these facts from manifesting (though such modes can help you manage the results). These are simply the physical laws embedded in the cosmos you live in.

(It doesn’t mean bad things are always bound to happen, but it does mean there is a great likelihood of them happening because these are features of life in our cosmos).

My work is based on empowerment. I do believe in activating similar modes of serenity, peace, and adaptable attitudes toward the extreme vicissitudes of life. However, I am also honest in facing the facts that often the best that can be done is to be adaptable in attitude when it becomes apparent that some events are not able to be changed.

That is not being negative.  It is not bad to think that way.  It is just facing up to the facts inherent in all life.

I can think in such ways and still be the spiritually oriented person I am.  I can think in such ways and still enact my own prayers, rituals, and healing modes. Thinking in such ways does not make me in error.  I am simply trying to be in tune with the truth of the universe, where both good and bad can happen.

To accommodate this, think of the physical universe we live in.  Beautiful and fascinating though it is, marvelously creating life and nurturing it, this universe is also an extremely volatile and destructive place.  Planets collide.  Galaxies get swallowed in black holes.  Meteors apparently caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.

None of this makes our cosmos any less wonderful.  None of it needs to shatter our faith in it or belief in divinity (unless we let it).  We can face the facts about the harsh reality of being alive in our universe and still be in loving awe of it.

In our own world, all life is beset by difficulties at some time. No life gets by totally unscathed. Natural disasters and predators are ‘par for the course‘ for life on Earth.  Even if we do nothing wrong to others or to the world for the whole time we are alive, bad things can happen to us, simply because we exist in vulnerable human bodies. I do not believe that this is a devil attacking us. I do not believe that this is evidence of evil in the world.  For me, it is simply the ‘Law of Balance‘ being enacted.

In my view, just as (in Vedic and Buddhist faiths) every god has his goddess, every light has its shadow, and every male/active force has a female/passive balance, so does it mean that even the best human lives are beset with problems and challenges to deal with.

In my estimation, this does not mean that the humans thus beset are ‘bad people‘ or have been ‘behaving badly‘ and are therefore being punished. I believe it is just part of what happens when we incarnate into the ‘Game of Life.’

The bottom line for me in all existence is that we are not just human beings, not just animals, not just plants, trees or mountains, and not just water or sky.  I believe that we are all spirit, and the manifesting elements of the divine… and that we are all immortal, so that when our bodies die we return to the ‘truth of spirit’ and merge with the ‘pool of creation(or god’s mind) again.

For me, this means that it honestly does not matter what happens to our bodies or how we feel affected during our physical life, even if it does seem to hurt or damage us, or creates changes in our behavior from traumatic assaults, because we are not who we think we are.

(This does not mean I don’t care about people or don’t care what happens to me as a human being, or to those I love. I can be caught up in the pain and damage that comes from such events as much as any other person can be – but my perspective at a wholistic point of view is more detached).

What it means, in my view, is that our human lives are a ‘cosmic roleplay‘, that we are characters on the ‘stage of life,‘ and figments of ‘god’s dream,’ which all comes to an end when our bodies die – when we return to who and what we really are, and go on living our lives as spirit.

(I was once an actor and know well how you can bring to life a character in a play, who is affected by terrible things during the course of the play, yet at the end of the play my real self always walked away and I kept on living my own life after the play was over. That is how I view life in the human body. Spirit is to me our ‘real self’, and when the body dies, it goes on living its ‘true life’).

I believe that we are made to think and believe that our human selves are ‘real’ and that all we see and feel around us is ‘real‘. For me, the truth is that the cosmos has embedded some very powerful codes to ensure that our every sensory perception and thought acknowledges that ‘reality‘. (This type of coding is well known to astrologers).

I think that this is so embedded that even spiritually oriented people like myself get involved in that ‘reality’ when we behave like many other human beings and react to assaults upon us (like I did to my recent correspondent).

I’m not saying detach yourself from life and stop being a human being so you can avoid such pain and difficulty.  (I do not believe in avoiding the difficulties of life, because I think we incarnated to experience certain things, and those things may come from processing such difficulties).  Nor am I saying ‘reach for nirvana or heaven’ and try to transcend these worldly difficulties.

I know there are plenty of people who try to do that, today, and others who have done that in one form or another for the whole time humanity has been on Earth.  (It’s what often happens in the spiritual streams I was educated in). Ascetics are taught to detach themselves from the world, to make themselves ‘pure,‘  and to ensure that they are ‘good enough‘ to be accepted by divinity and thereby earn their place in ‘heaven‘ or ‘nirvana(or wherever else they believe their spirit goes when their body dies).

I don’t believe in such things. I don’t believe that we have to ‘make ourselves pure‘ or ‘earn our place‘ in divinity, though I do believe in a sort of ‘heaven‘ or ‘nirvana.’ (Which for me is just a dimensional shift, not really a place – but that’s another story).

For me, we are always ‘pure and innocent‘ as spirit, just as the universe is ‘pure and innocent‘ despite the volatility and violence that is sometimes enacted in it.

For me, we never have to earn our place in divinity because I believe we never stopped being divine. I believe we never left god and god never left us.

I also believe that we simply have been programmed to believe we are separate and experiencing things as a single human being in a world inherent with similar separations.

I think of these separations as only illusions that divinity has created in order to experience relationships. Without relationships, I believe that divinity could not examine itself or its theories effectively. Just as our dreams separate elements into characters, I believe so does the mind of the divine separate the elements of its dreams into us.

In my belief system, the way to transcend the pain and difficulties of life is not to leave it or aspire to leave it. Nor is it to pretend that everything will be okay if we just ask the cosmos to ‘make it all right‘, or to put our ‘heads in the sand‘ and try to ignore the ‘bad stuff’.

Sometimes, asking the cosmos for help does work, which is why metaphysical or spiritual healing can work, and why prayers can manifest results, but I don’t believe it is because we have asked something outside of ourselves to manifest ‘rightness‘. I believe it is because something inside ourselves (our own element of divinity, or higher self) recognizes that we have been holding ourselves back and that it is time to move into better manifestations, or because our connection with someone else stimulates the same in them.

(This does not mean that I do not believe in cosmic helpers of any kind, or that I do not believe in angels and guides and supernatural entities. I do, but in my experience each of these are limited in their ability to help us until we open ourselves to receiving. It is our selves that hold us back, and until we can move past those inner blocks, the supernatural entities outside us can do little but give support and comfort),

I believe we are divine. As elements of the divine, I believe we are always able to ‘spark a new thread in god’s mind’, to focus in a new way and manifest a new beginning –  but first we have to overcome our own embedded programs that have set us on certain paths of manifestation, including what we believe are necessary challenges and obstacles.

If those challenges and obstacles are deemed by us as necessary to complete what we incarnated as human beings to examine, then I do not believe that any amount of praying will change them.  That is no different to the metaphor of someone who is set on climbing a dangerous mountain, despite knowing that many others have died trying, or despite their friends and relatives speaking sensibly about the risks, because they really want to meet that challenge.

In such instances, when things are so well embedded, all we can do is adjust our attitudes, and to be flexible and accommodating toward the modes of existence, despite its challenges, obstacles, pain and tragedies.

That said, thinking positively can be a wonderful thing. Thinking about attracting good and positivity is also a superb action, in the main. These modes are not wrong, but they can be in error when those who use them believe that by thinking that way they will avoid all bad things in life.

I know that it really is possible to bluntly face the facts and darker aspects of existence, and accept them as ‘par for the course‘, and yet live a good life and be spiritual. These modes are the basis of Tantrism.

That brings me to those who consider themselves to be ‘lightworkers‘, ‘healers‘, etc.

I have often seen people who are spiritually advanced in every other way fall into a mess because they are being assailed by problems (as I did when my correspondent attacked me). I have heard them flail and question why such things were happening to them. (I’ve done it myself, for a brief time, on occasion).

Well, in my summation, (apart from acknowledging that they are incarnate in a human body, undergoing the human condition in a pre-programmed world of sensation), I believe that the reason why they are assailed is because they are healers. (That is the revelation that came to me from my recent correspondence).

Just as a doctor is sought out in a hospital by those who are sick, when someone follows the path of ‘light work‘ or ‘metaphysical or spiritual healing’, or even of ‘psychic counseling‘, they are opening up the ‘Law of Attraction‘,  and those who need their help will come to meet them, even if their needs are not immediately obvious.

If you are on a ‘path of higher aspiration‘, you will be challenged along the way, to ensure that it remains the ‘right path‘ for you. This is no different to sitting examinations in school, the results of which determine what career you may actually be suitable for.

If you are on a path of manifesting a ‘call to healing‘ or a ‘call to counseling‘, those who need healing or counseling will be in contact, one way or another.

It happens that when such people come into our lives, they are not always obvious. When such conditions challenge us, we don’t always recognize them for what they are straight away – but they have arrived in answer to the ‘call’ we put out. They arrive in answer to the ‘energy we emit‘.

Those who live spiritual lives are not excused from the laws manifesting in the world. Great spiritual leaders have often made mistakes, (albeit temporary ones), on their path to progress.  They also got sick, sometimes, and eventually died. They were not exempt from the conditions of life.

Those who follow ‘paths of light‘ today are also going to be challenged by the physical world, and its by-products of emotion and thoughts. That’s just what happens to anyone manifesting in a human body. Hey, it is said that even Jesus cried out on the cross in an anguished moment, believing that god had abandoned him.

I do not believe that, just by declaring you are ‘following the Law of Attraction‘, manifesting ‘positive thoughts’, doing all the ‘right things‘, or enacting all the ‘right prayers or rituals‘, it will make one iota of difference if any part of what you expect to ensue from these are ‘just not meant to be‘ for you, right now.

What makes sense for me through all of these conditions is not an attitude of ‘ignorance is bliss‘ or of ‘empowering yourself by magic or prayer or positivity‘, alone  Those who have ever used those modes will know they don’t always work (although it doesn’t hurt to try, because it is difficult sometimes to tell if it’s the right time or not).

Nor do I think that the reason such forms of empowerment don’t work sometimes is because some ‘malign entity is doing dirty work’ against the people trying to use them, or because those people are ‘in error‘ or have ‘behaved badly‘. What I believe is that those people need to find the correct way through the problems besetting them, and that this is usually by learning or finding the skills inherent in themselves to deal with them.

If you think of life as an extremely elaborate computer game and yourself as the hero within it, you may understand that every hero is either born with innate skills or finds treasure and knowledge along the way, to meet whatever comes.

(That’s the nature of magic – the mage gains knowledge and acquires skills to achieve wisdom and self-mastery).

In my view, the greatest skill each and every human being is born with is an ability to adapt. Even those who are highly disabled and extremely limited in life seem to be born with this inherent ability, which enables them to cope despite what assails them.

Therefore, I don’t see facing and acknowledging the flaws and challenges in life or in the lives of those we interact with as bad.

I believe that every healer needs to know the problems that must be healed. I believe that every healing must come from revealing what needs to be healed. I think that by facing and confronting such conditions, we are not condemning or rejecting them but viewing and admitting their need for healing – and I feel that this is the same truth whether the need for healing and refreshment is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

I feel that, by centering yourself in the idea that you are divine spirit using the avatar of a human body to interact with a pre-programmed world of challenges, you can meet whatever comes until ‘game over‘ is declared.

You can call that the ‘power of positive thinking‘, or ‘engaging the law of attraction‘ to manifest self-empowerment, or whatever you like.  I call it truth.


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picture courtesy of freepik.com
picture courtesy of freepik.com

I’m finding it hard to keep up with things right now. I banged my knee a few weeks ago, as I rushed past a low table corner. It seemed okay for a couple of days and then it just got very painful.

There was no swelling, no bruising, just the pain and tenderness. I treated it as well as I could. Wrapped it up for a while to give it some rest. Stayed off it at times when it got too much, (which is hard when you have a lot to do), and have even been using a crutch, on and off.

I was speaking to my aunt on the phone about it dragging on. We’d also been talking earlier about my work and I had told her how I always put some blessing and healing into the products I wrap up for posting. She told me maybe I should give some to myself – but I already had.

That’s something that people don’t often understand about healing. Just like other processes in life, there are limitations to what can be achieved through it. In my case, I was able to give myself ease for a while, and things did seem to be progressing slowly toward recovery, but then I went to a social event, left my crutch behind, and joined in some fun physical activity I should not have engaged in just yet. That set me back to square one.

In my spiritual philosophy, I have come to believe that life in the physical realm is shaped by the code of a divine computer program. I have also come to accept that this means that there are certain limitations caused by inherent laws that have to be accommodated in any scenario.

I believe that one of the laws inherent in the life we lead in these cosmos is that of cellular degeneration. Because of that law, repairs can only ever be temporary. By that I mean that even if you manage to repair a body part and that body part lives on with a healthy status, all life still has an endpoint, so all cells eventually degenerate.

That’s what I believe is the human condition. That’s the way I think things just are on planet Earth.

Even if scientists find a way to prolong the life of cells or to keep regenerating them, I’m doubtful they will ever discover the secret formula that will enable an ‘elixir of life’ that ensures a permanent optimum physical state, just because of this inherent law that I believe is coded into our existence.

I think that law is necessary. Without it, people would never die. If people never died, we’d have a world crisis in no time if we kept on having babies. So I believe the law is in-built to ensure that we are only in bodies for a time. After that, in my belief system, we have to shed the body and return to who we are without one.

(I believe in reincarnation and the nigh immortal life of spirit).

Because of that law being inherent in the coding of life, I believe that other things become apparent. People can get sick. They can become disabled. They can physically suffer. If cells are able to degenerate so we can die, then that weakness also makes us prone and vulnerable under other circumstances.

You may think that the program should have been better designed. Well tell that to the worldly whizzbang tech heads who create the absolute best programs for computers today. They are always doing rewrites, always adjusting glitches, always putting programs onto the market before they are perfect because you really cannot know everything that is going to result from coding, no matter how much you attempt to predict it, until the program is being used.

I believe that God’s mind is no different to that of those worldly geniuses. I actually believe that everything that is manifest reveals something of God’s nature and God’s processes, just as an artwork or a novel reveals an element of the mind or processes of the artist or writer that created it. So, for me,  the way computer programming actually pans out in the world gives me a heads up as to how divine code pans out in the universe.

God thinks a program into being and tries things out. It sees what works and what doesn’t and makes adjustments. That’s why some things become extinct or get wiped out, and why others survive.

(I’m not trying to be cold about that process. Such things can be hard to accept when you’re faced with the tragedies that come with life. I’m just talking about the bottom line of God’s coding, about the way such elements come into being).

Despite using spiritual or metaphysical healing, myself, my understanding of these modes is that (in a way) they are programming ‘cheats’ that enable us to gain ground on the ‘game of life’, to skip levels and pass by the hard yards of effort it usually takes to reach other levels.

In my estimation, that’s not always a good thing, even though our human minds are in-built with a sense of compassion that wants to fix every problem of suffering that assails us or those we love or care about.

Just like in a computer game, by skipping levels we may be missing out on relevant things or bits of education we should be picking up on as we make our way through the ‘game of life’.

Even as I complain about the things that assail me, I do believe that there actually are divine reasons for why we experience suffering, why we experience pain, and why we experience illness.

(Note: Yes, I’m talking about God and the divine, here, but I’m not pushing a faith. I’m just showing how my mind thinks about such things, and how I have found some answers. Call God or the divine whatever you want. For me, they are words that help you understand the concepts I’m trying to get across, concepts you may have difficulty understanding if I didn’t assign such words to them).

I don’t believe that there is some entity in the universe that is out to get us. I don’t believe in good God, bad God or Devil scenarios. What I believe about these apparent flaws in our existence is that we are naturally immortal in our true spirit form, and that our bodies and this environment we live in are only programmed tools that allow us to experience such things as relationship, or even excitement, whether these process as good or bad.

I believe that, as pure spirit, we miss out on the nitty gritty that only comes with physical experience. It’s like theory versus practice. As spirit, we may know something of the way things should work, but we can’t confirm that until we put spirit into a body and actually go through the mechanism of how they work.

For me, our bodies are vehicles that allow our spirit to enter into a highly sensory, extremely superb and intricate virtual reality that we call our world.

In my view, the cosmic programmer therefore doesn’t think about our lives the way we do (when we are in physical form). The cosmic programmer knows that, like when your body goes on a roller coaster ride in this physical realm, (as your true spirit self) you’re going to get off at the end okay.

I was taught to direct my energies in spiritual or metaphysical healing many years ago, now. (You may know what this is by the term, Reiki, which is a popular form of it, though not the style I use). I’ve given plenty of healing to others in my lifetime. Some have been cured. Some only found solace, comfort, or relief. Some felt no effect at all.

When my thirteen year old son was mowed down by a van on a busy road many years ago and ended up in hospital, they didn’t expect he would ever recover from the brain injury and body trauma he suffered. The neurosurgeon told me quite bluntly that he didn’t expect my son to ever be anything but a ‘vegetable.’

I listened but knew I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I went home and got my healing gemstones and essential oils and brought them back to the hospital to begin working all the skills I had been taught. My husband helped me in that endeavor as we gave our son massage and healing therapy twice daily, stinking out the children’s ward with the aromatherapy.

(I believe in a destiny that has some options for choice of direction in it, so I’m not a complete fatalist. I also believe that until you try things out, you don’t really know which way things will go. Intuition and clairvoyance gives you an inkling, but I’ve learnt that prophecy is always nebulous until it establishes in the physical realm as reality. Until that happens, there are always choices that can be made that may divert the way things are going. So while my son was for all intents and purposes a ‘vegetable’ at the time, I intended to give him every possible tool I had available to help him ‘come back’. You just never know…)

The Mater was a Catholic run hospital and many of the nurses were nuns. (I’m a self-styled new age pagan though I was reared as a christian – but I do honor all modes of respecting the divine). Despite our unorthodox methods, they accommodated our efforts. Catholics still believe that God works in mysterious ways and that miracles do happen.

Miracles happened for our son. He did not remain a ‘vegetable’. He did learn to walk, talk, and even eat again over the long course of a year. He did get out of a wheelchair the year after that, (though half his body is still paralyzed), and today he leads a relatively normal life and has been married and has children of his own – but he is still disabled. All our best efforts could not restore him completely.

I believe that there were destined reasons why his body had to be limited. Anyway, that is what I told myself and it may be true, but I also believe that part of the reason it happened is because there really are limitations to what can be achieved in the cosmos we live in, despite our best efforts and desires.

I know that this idea goes against the belief in the ‘power of positive thinking’ and ‘abundance creation’ but it is true to the threads of tantra and vedism that formed part of my metaphysical education. For me, while it’s okay to process magical or divine intervention on our behalf, we also need to be realistic enough to accept the laws that shape our existence and limit our world.

This concept is no different to measuring the limitations of a virtual reality computer game. It may seem to be limitless as you explore its many features but it can actually only be accessed to the degree that the game has been coded into existence.

Programming always has limitations. Even in ‘God’s dream’, the divine concept that creates the programming of our reality is only a thread of thought that measures just so far…

If you want new levels that don’t exist, those new levels have to be thought and programmed into reality, first. They aren’t just ‘there.’

That may be where prayer or magic comes into play. If you appeal to God’s focus, and God thinks your appeal is worthy of attention, then God, the programmer, may invent new lines of coding that will help you out. (Do remember that this depends on whether your appeal is worthy of attention, though – or if your needs don’t clash with God’s concepts and intentions).

When damage is done in our physical realm, I believe that there are also laws in place that measure how quickly something can progress and evolve. Brain cells can actually regenerate, but they are one of the body cells that take an extremely long time to do so. Years, in fact. The miracle of healing is not always fast.

Even spiritual and metaphysical healing that actually gets a result often takes time to evolve that result. You often only realize its measure because the time it takes to be effective is far quicker than what usually happens with healing on pure physical levels.

So, here I am at this time with my body still dealing with the reality of injury. I’m finding that getting tasks done is very limited right now. I’ve given myself some healing, but it’s taking time to get there.

I do have to acknowledge, though, that I’m still getting a lot done that most people would not be able to do under such physical circumstances.

That is my measure for the healing. It is doing it’s work, but I keep extending the time line for complete effect because I keep diverting energy to achieve other things.  You have to be sensible about these things! You have to be aware of how they work.

On the other hand, as I push through the injury and find myself up against it, I am sometimes forced to take time out to rest.

Then I wonder about the cosmic thread of that. Maybe my ‘angels’ are working on my welfare (that I am ignoring as I push through tasks to get them done). Maybe it was time I took a break, but I wasn’t allowing that to happen. Maybe I have been working too hard…

Maybe the universe saw how many television shows I’d been recording so I could catch up them on later – but I had kept myself so busy that I hadn’t caught up on them yet. Forced to put my feet up from time to time, I’ve been catching up on almost all of them. I was running out of room on the hard drive, but now there is space for a whole lot more…



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