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Sing your world into being

shivaI have a daily ritual of chanting mantras.  I use a set of 108 prayer beads to count each mantra set and do one full round.  It takes me about an hour to complete the task, and then I meditate.

I never used to chant mantras so regularly, nor meditate every day, even though I believe in the efficacy of such rituals and actually create prayer beads that I sell to others.  But after my life became more assailed than usual, I felt I needed a bit more help.

There are many in the world who follow similar rituals, regularly.  Some of them buy my prayer beads(Some just wear them).

At the suggestion of an indian guru, my mantras hail the vedic gods, Ganesha, Shiva, and Lakshmi – but they could be to any gods or goddesses, or to one god, or none at all.

Mantras are simply prayers invoking divine energies (creation energies), and divine energies don’t have to have a face or a name.

In my experience and beliefs, the essence of god has many faces and many names, and these are represented in every faith or religion throughout the world – and even in the faith people have in themselves or in just living, as atheists and agnostics do.

When I first began my mantra rounds, I was calling Shiva in his form of BhairavaBhairava is a fiercer aspect of Shiva, but more actively protective, which the guru thought I needed at the time.  But as time passed, I felt that the energy was too strong and too forceful, and was not so good any more, so today I just pray my mantras to the all-encompassing Shiva and let him (the god) decide what form of his I need in my life.

As well, I added a joyful round of mantras to Vishnu/Krishna before closing that section with a Namaste to them all.  And then finished with the buddhistOm Mani Padme Hum’ mantras, sending out waves of pink healing energy into the world, to give something back…

It’s not always easy to stay focused during my mantra rounds.  Thoughts come and go even as I am uttering the words and names.  I find myself constantly trying to refocus on the multiple candle flames I light in the room, or to breathe in the incense to reawaken myself, even though I always begin my mantra sessions with deep pranic breathing.

I think it is the higher vibrational energy that does it.  My body gets more worked by it, and when I am so busy in my days or in my thoughts, already, it’s a natural reaction to drift, or even to nod off to sleep for a fraction of a second (more likely to happen when I do my mantras in a pre-dawn session).

I sometimes feel frustrated when that happens, because I think it is disrespectful to divine energies – though ‘they’ are telling me it’s okay, and that such thoughts belong only to human beings and the realm we live in.  (Apparently, the divine is much more accommodating).

When I first started my mantra rounds, I used to focus extremely well, fired by the needs that began them.  I would bring great concentration to bear on manifesting better conditions, and would quickly be flushed with a greater sense of empowerment, and noticed very quick changes going on in the world around me, afterwards.

Over time, again, I felt that such concentration was too forceful, and that things were not happening as naturally as they should.  The sense of power also made me over-forceful in my daily relationships, causing friction, which I didn’t like.

Today, I am quieter and gentler in my chanting, but that also means I am more likely to drift or nod.

I contemplated this problem during my rounds, and as usual received an answer.  I was told to not worry about focusing on manifesting the good energies of each divine being I was chanting to, but to just ‘sing my world into being.’

I was told to not worry about outcomes, and just trust that what needed to happen would happen.  So I did, and after that some nice and interesting things began to happen in my life, bringing more hope back.

But then I began to be concerned about this ‘singing my world into being.’   I thought – what if I sung something quite ‘wrong’ into being?  What if my drifting thoughts and micro snoozes set some ‘darker energy’ free to do its work?

I was surprised at the reply I got to those thoughts.  I was told to trust myself.  I was told to believe in my self.  I was told to ignore the flaws and failings of my daily life, the ‘trips’ in my personality, the fallibility of my tongue, or the ‘breezes’ wafting my emotions.

I was reminded that the gods do not need to clear away distractions to do their work .  To them, the noise of life was ‘white noise.’  No different to that of children trying to climb onto your lap when you are working.  They just don’t think about it, and the work gets done.  Like the parent of the child, they automatically deal with the ‘child’  whilst keeping focus on the work that needs to be done.  It is the focus that counts.

It is said that just saying or hearing the mantras will set their energies in motion.  But I wondered, nevertheless, how well my mantras were being set in motion if I was not really thinking of them while uttering them, or if I had nodded off for a moment between one set and another?  Where was my focus?

Then ‘they’ told me that this was not about my mind.  It was not about my heart.  It was not about my physical body or its presence in the world.  It was all about my spirit, and soul.

It was all about my essence, and the underlying factor of all my beliefs.  It was about what my ‘truth’ would ‘sing into being’ if I could have everything the way my spirit or soul wanted it to be, or could imagine it to be. 

I had to think about that.  Stopped mid mantra to do so.  Thought about what my soul aspired to – and realized with surprise that my soul effused ‘goodness’. 

You may ask why I felt surprised, but it is simply that, having come so far through the ‘scathings’ of life I really don’t feel that ‘pure’ a lot of the time, any more.  Damage has been done, that I felt must surely have ‘marked my soul’, no matter what good things I might still do in the world, or what efforts I make to reconnect with the divine through prayers or mantras.

However,  I was ‘told’ that the ‘bottom line of my soul’ is not related to human arguments and conflicts, or to the difficulties that embroil me at times, or that embroil anyone.  It is simply the underlying ‘truth’ of my existence. 

It is the ‘essence’ of me that rises up from the ‘muddy bottom’ of physical life, through the ‘murky waters’ of thoughts and emotion, to become the ‘lotus flower’ spreading its petals under the ‘divine sun’.  It is the ‘cosmic me’.

For life in this world is a schism between the mortal and immortal, the manifested and the never manifested, the physical and the divine.

I am a human being embroiled in the roleplays of a mortal life, but my soul and spirit are divine, and never stop ‘hearing’ the ‘symphony of stars’. 

That is how I can focus even though my body is dealing with distractions.

That focus came from the intentions I set up in doing the mantras at all.  It came from what I believed them to be, and from what I want from them – and that belief is far more than just being selfish… It is a belief in the ‘ultimate goodness of life’, that arose from everything I ever thought beautiful and everything beautiful I want my life to be.

This stems from my ‘soul’, and comes from hearing that divine music – the ‘symphony of stars’.  When I flow with or ‘sing’ that ‘symphony’, I am truly alive and living.  Thus, do I ‘become‘ and thus my world is sung into being’.

Having had this mini revelation, I then ‘saw’ Ganesha, dancing so freely, enjoying life just for the fun of being alive.

I ‘saw’ Shiva, sitting in meditation, serenely contemplating all the galaxies in the universe, and accepting life for what it is, ‘warts’ and all, as beautiful.

I ‘saw’ Lakshmi, not as the provider of wealth, but as the kind, generous and compassionate goddess, giving hugs freely and soothing troubled brows.

And I realized that the pure and unadulterated energy of ‘singing the world into being’ was what Krishna and Vishnu embodied.  It was love – love of life,  love of living, love of making the best of life and living, and love of being.

I loved being alive, for all its flaws and failings, struggles, traumas, and tragedies – and if I had to choose, I would choose just as Ganesha, Shiva, and Lakshmi did in my vision – to dance the dance of life, to be able to meditate serenely without attachment to the whys and wherefores or attaining solutions, and to provide simple nourishment for the assailed souls of all beings so that they could also ‘dance’ and fully be alive.

You may call that a dream, but now I feel good about ‘singing my world into being.’ 

I trust the energies of my deepest inner self to do what is ‘right’, to create what is ‘good’, and to manifest a better place despite what roleplays of life my mind, emotions and body may play out as I function outside my mantra sessions.

In this way, I feel I am manifesting changes in my life, from the inside out.  And when I send out the ‘pink waves of love’, spreading from my ‘pebble in the pond of life’ chanting ‘soul mind’ at the end of each session, I feel like I am sharing something good and wonderful.

This is what I feel it means to ‘get in touch with your source.’  This is what I think it means to ‘know your core essence.’

The deep tap root of life that we brought with us into the world of manifestation is always there.  We only need to look for it, and recognize it when we find it.  And it is ‘good’, because we do not come into the world with damaged souls.

We come here ‘pure’ and amazed by the magical realm we have entered.  And that awe and delight remains present, no matter how old we get or how much assails us, though it can seem to be buried under a ‘dung heap’.

When we ‘sing our world into being’ we ‘sing’ of that ‘magic’ that made us feel happy to greet each day as a child, before any damage ever began…

It’s not a ‘song’ as you physically know a ‘song’.  It doesn’t come from your mouth.  It doesn’t come from your mind, really.  It doesn’t even come from your heart.  It’s a soul memory, of who you really are, and who you really were, before you were born.

To gain access to that primal memory – first, you have to remember who you were as a child, before you ever got hurt.

Second, you have to remember how ‘fun’ it was to explore the world you were born into, then.

Third, you have to put aside the ‘damage’ that has happened, since, and just ‘dance the dance of life’, and in that way ‘sing your world into being’, just as you did way back then…

When your soul ‘sings’, all life becomes a symphony.  Your mind re-attunes to the ‘music of the universe’.  Your body becomes flushed with the ‘harmonies of life’.

What you emit, energizes.  What you imagine, becomes.  And the ‘lyrics’ of ‘universal love’ flow these words through you –

‘Let all beings be happy!’

That is more than a prayer.  It is also an act.  It is a manifestation that comes from innate choice, not forced, but natural – the choice of your ‘spirit’, living fully in its truth.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to be happy, you will be happy, and others will feel your happiness and be affected by it – happiness is infectious.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to have faith, you will find faith, and others will have faith in you – faith imbues.

When your ‘spirit’ chooses to smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling, smiling soon feels like the natural thing to do, and others will smile with you – smiling is a gift.

These innate choices allow your ‘soul‘ to ‘sing‘ and help you manifest a better life, not only for yourself but also for others – despite the distractions that come from the ‘white noise’ of living.

So, ‘sing’ your ‘world’ into being.

(Remember though: Like a germinating seed, the growth is from the inside to the out… and change takes time, with much occurring on the inside before the leaves of your ‘tree’ unfurl in the world – but there is a powerhouse of energy in that soul!)


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine

Just BE

photo courtesy of freepik.com
photo courtesy of freepik.com

When a person seeks a spiritual path and knows that this is what they are doing, they often remove themselves from the distractions of the world.

Monks, nuns, ascetics, or hermits often cloister themselves away from the world so that they can connect with the divine more easily, and can discover their spiritual connection more clearly.

The spiritual path is to become pure, to be completely at one with this spiritual core, and to transcend worldly realities to find the bliss of divine reality.

In India, for instance, becoming a sadhu, or wandering mystic, is very common and one must follow such a path if one is ever to attain the enlightenment of a guru.

In whatever religion, around the world, monks or nuns spend hours in prayerful solitude, in order to gain the peace and stillness that allows them to be in contact with the same divine force.

Lay people ply their own modes to gain similar inner peace and connection, in the form of meditation or affirmations.

Yet, take those human beings out of these role plays, take away the modes they utilize, and put them back into the grind of society, and the problems and difficulties of simply living in the world, and often the tools they use in solitude do not suffice.

They can break down and behave as badly as any human being beset by extreme challenges, (although their training will likely enable them to realign more quickly).

In those moments, they may feel lost and confused, and unable to fathom why their ability to cope, to manage, and to maintain balance and calmness is not working.

They may feel that somehow their modes were faulty, or that something inside themselves was faulty, that somewhere they made a misstep or took a wrong turn, and that this is showing in their inability to maintain equilibrium when challenged.

But this is not so.

In my belief system, the truth is that you do not have to become a hermit or ascetic, or give up any contact with the world in order to get in touch with the divine, or with the deeper truths within yourself.

I believe that life is full of challenges and difficulties because we are all following spiritual paths.

We are all threads of focus in god’s mind, and therefore we are all part of a process of enlightenment, which is about discovering how our thread is playing out.

Yes, removing ourselves from the challenges and difficulties of life can bring peace and centering, and a better ability to cope and maintain equilibrium.  In that state, most of us can find beauty in the world, in the cosmos, and in ourselves.

But put yourself under extreme duress as a human being, where difficulties are harsh, cruel, unkind, unfair, and just plain exhausting, and it is far less easy to see that same beauty or feel it.

You could imagine that the world upturned in this way is bad, evil, or just ‘shit,’ and you might imagine that such a ‘hell hole’ could never be god given – at least by the god you worship.

Yet in every moment that we are whittled away to our core by such experiences, through pain, exhaustion, and despair, we find ourselves.

When there is nothing and no one else left to rely on, and our prayers never seem to be answered nor have any hope of being answered, and when all our efforts seem to have come to no avail, the truth is that the ‘rock bottom’ we hit is our deepest inner core.

As we sit silently, alone with that inner core, and face the harsh reality of what has happened to us – when we feel completely hopeless enough to not be sure what next to do or whether it is possible to even do it – we reach a turning point.

In the silence of ourselves, in the deepest pit of our lives, there is only one choice – to live or die.

If we even stand up in that pit, we have begun to make our choice, and have begun to choose life – even if we don’t know how that life will evolve from there.

As we move, fraction by fraction, and shuffle ourselves back onto a path, any path, we choose life, and in choosing life we are in contact with the divine.

In reaching that point of deepest despair, we are in contact with the divine.

In realizing that it is up to us to ‘keep on keeping on’, or to ‘give up the ghost’, we are in contact with the divine.

In my estimation, tragedies and challenges are not brought our way by evil but as modes wherefrom even the non-spiritual among us can learn to find their spirit, to align with their spirit and to engage with life in better ways.

For me, life is about living, for better or worse.

When you hit those ‘rock bottoms’ and yet stand up and climb out from them, you learn something about yourself.

You learn something about life.

You learn that ‘rock bottom’ is not death, unless you want it to be – and that if you choose life, every moment is meaningful, even the smallest ones.

Even spiritual ascetics will tell you that deep meditation and the modes of enlightenment will not necessarily make you happy.

Those who follow such paths are not seeking happiness, as such, but peace, respite, and meaning that enables them to be ‘at one with what is’.

When ordinary people go through extraordinary times, and suffer extremes, they also learn to be ‘at one with what is.’ 

They also learn peace, (though not necessarily happiness), because peace is found in acceptance of ‘what is’  – for when we suffer extremes there is often nothing left to fight ‘what is’ and then all that can be done is to accept it.

They also achieve respite, for every moment without challenge is exactly that, thereafter.  (They find respite in the blessing of not being challenged further).

And they also receive meaning, because after you have suffered the worst, then smaller challenges are nothing to worry about, and every moment you are alive has meaning, somehow.

In example, even the most exhausted of us, and the most ill, can look at a bird on a windowsill and enjoy its company.

I do not believe that life’s challenges and difficulties are badness.  I believe that they are the tools that guide us back to the divine.

For me, they are simply the paths we laymen find ourselves on.

And they are how even those who thought they had the tools to meet such challenges discover even greater strengths within themselves, when they realize their tools were not apt and must learn to forge better ones.

When you are empty and you have nothing left, all that is with you is soul, or spirit.

When you are only soul or spirit, all that you can do in such moments is BE.

In just being alive, you express divine intention.

From that point, you have enlightenment – which is how buddha also found it, sitting under the bodhi tree, where he had gone in complete exhaustion and despair – empty of all feeling and thought, because all feeling and thought had proved useless in achieving his goals.

And in that state of complete emptiness within the shell of himself, he came face to face with his essential life force, just BEING.

His enlightenment was acknowledging that just BEING was the task of every element in this world, and that nothing else mattered – for life is an experience, and a blessing because we CAN experience.

Good or bad is nothing more than the ups and downs of a ‘roller coaster ride’, and nothing more than the modes with which we use to define and measure our existence.

When we reach ‘rock bottom’ and can no longer feel or think, we lose this ability to define and measure existence, because we lose the certainty that our judgement is correct.

It may seem like a hopeless and despairing state,  and for some of us who find such a state of emptiness too confronting it can become a state of hopelessness and despair – but only if they stop moving, stop doing, and stop BEING.

In Taoism, this essential life force or state of BEING is when we are all in contact with the divine.

The most common meditation used by Taoists is not static.  It is not done sitting.  It is not done whilst ‘spacing out.’  It is done whilst moving.

( You may know this meditation as the beautiful exercise routines of Tai Chi or Qi Gong ). 

It is about achieving peace and equilibrium through or despite states of change or movement.

It works much better than static meditation for dealing with the issues of life on a daily basis.

Many years ago, I used Tai Chi to center myself before going on stage when I worked as an actor.

I found that these dynamic methods of centering myself amid activity, noise, and other challenges, enabled me to cope better with stress – far better than sitting with it and trying to bring my mind under control.

It was also a good foundation for centering myself during interviews or tests, because the concept is not about absenting yourself from the world in order to cope, but is about coping with the world while being present in the challenge.

I believe that this is the natural mode of our cosmos, and that it is why those who only seek static meditations or detachments still find it hard to cope when beset by the challenges of the world when they re-merge with it.

The cosmos wants us to learn to manage all predicaments and all situations with equilibrium.  So we are tested.  We are challenged.  We face difficulties and hardships.  We deal with sickness and pain, trauma and tragedy.

If we survive, we naturally become stronger, and we usually discover a deeper compassion within ourselves for all other beings who suffer.

That is spirit.  That is being in touch with the divine.

If you think of spirituality as an evolutionary existence, then think on this – what happens to your spirit after your body dies and your reincarnational cycles are over?

Do you really think that life will be an endless stream of eternal stagnation in a state of bliss?

God’s life never stagnates, and nor will your life as spirit.  For god is a creator, and when you reach the font from where god emerges, you become a creator, too – an artist of the cosmos.

Which great responsibility is why it is absolutely necessary for you to go through the challenges and difficulties of life in the class room of planet earth.

In saying that, it is not necessary for you to strive to graduate this class room any more than a child at any school strives.

There will be times when much learning is going on and many challenges must be met, but other times when the focus is on play and creative self-expression.

Each has its place in the school of life – but a child at school normally doesn’t think upon them, apart from being excited about the challenge or the play, or about just ‘hanging’ with their friends, and nor should you.

When life gets tough and you feel challenged but are getting nowhere in every effort or aim, stop processing, stop trying so hard…  Simply BE.

Time will pass until you are ready to ply life again.  It’s natural to do so, if you are on the path of life (and not stuck in the sinkhole). 

Don’t fear that you won’t be able to keep going, if you take time out for respite.  All life needs rest and respite, for that is the natural cycle of the world – and fear is an exhausting energy that will deplete you before you even start !  (It is only fear that ever keeps you in the sinkhole).

Just remember – if you push yourself too hard, all you do is get so exhausted that you burn yourself out.  When that happens, you can’t ply life again until you are replenished, restored, and capable.

So pushing yourself too hard actually works against your aims.  It is like forcing content through a tunnel and clogging it up, which then requires time and effort to unclog the tunnel before things can move again.

Better to be like buddha, who left the bodhi tree to eat, drink and be merry with a world full of friends, and with much friendly compassion for their worldly predicaments.

Also, remember this – when you look at the sun through the leaves of the tree, the bright glare makes the edges of the leaves disappear.

In the ‘tree of life’, you lose clarity in the moment if you keep looking at the ‘sun’ through the canopy.

In the same way, you lose clarity about your life if you keep looking for the overwhelming brightness of god to shine upon you.

Such are the modes of nervousness and fear, not of intrepid adventure, or stoic philosophy, or steadfast commitment – all necessary to ply life effectively on planet earth.

You weren’t put into the ‘school of the world’ so you could keep looking for your divine parent’s hand to hold.

You were put here to engage with all experience, and to learn from it.  You were put here to discover the bright light that shines within yourself.


Lilipily Spirit – Empower Your Life, Connect with the Divine