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Thomas Zimmer’s Astrological Almanac Poster & Moon Planting Guide


We sell this poster calendar by Thomas Zimmer at Lilipily Spirit for very little profit, mainly because it is deeply centered in my heart from my early days as an astrologer and I have been sourcing it for my wall for decades.

Thomas Zimmer is a wonderful eccentric who lives in an old farmhouse bordering the Tweed Valley ‘bosom of Mother Nature‘ of northern N.S.W.   He lives without a telephone, or grid electricity, and is sufficed by a local stream for water, and his own veggie garden for supplies.

His outstanding poster style calendar is created especially for use in the Southern Hemisphere.  Every year he creates a new and inspiring calendar design full of astrological information such as moon phases, equinoxes, solstices and eclipse dates and times, including annual planting and gardening by the moon guides as well as an astrological/political commentary on the year to come.  He explains clearly how to get the most out your moon calendar by organizing daily activities according to the sign and phase of the moon and the rise and fall of the seasons.

It’s a fantastic calendar reference for astrologers, and for planning new and full moon rituals, spells, sabbats or moon planting… The information in the calendar is invaluable.

While the times listed on the calendar are for the Australian East Coast (Melbourne, Sydney, etc., with automatic adjustments for daylight savings) it can be used in anywhere in the world by simply adding or subtracting the appropriate number of hours for your time zone.

By purchasing this calendar you are supporting a visionary and amazing astrologer, and gaining a year’s supply of moon wisdom from a pure source.

Because we care so much for this calendar, we send it to our customers in a protective heavy pvc sheath which is then rolled into a hard mailing tube so that you do not get creases that make it hard to read. (See the pics of the 2016 calendar wrapped in this sheath).


The sheath can be used later to archive other artwork, and can also be used to pin up your calendar so you can make comments or color marks using whiteboard markers so that the actual calendar is not damaged.

The Poster Size is: 74 cm x 59 cm

Moon phases – dates and astrological co-ordinates of new moons, full moons and eclipses
    Astrological transits – daily Sun and Moon placements by zodiac sign
    Written specifically for the Southern Hemisphere and Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST), with adjustments for daylight saving
    Fantastic reference for astrologers – plan daily events to obtain the best emotional and physical balance for work or relaxation
    Plan ahead for new and full moon rituals, wheel of the year equinoxes and solstices

You can buy it at our Lilipily Spirit on line shop here.