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The precepts of the ancient buddhist guru, Atiśa


Atiśa taught spiritual concepts (precepts) to ancient Tibetans in the 10th century A.D. and was one of the founders of modern Mahayana and Vajrayana buddhism

The greatest achievement is selflessness

  • selflessness is a lack of focus on the self and a refocusing on others and the world around you, instead… this can be hard to do when the self is suffering

The greatest worth is self-mastery

  • self-mastery is the ability to do what needs to be done even when the spirit is tired and feels unable to focus… this is valuable for achieving real progress

The greatest quality is seeking to serve others

  • serving others can be done in the smallest moment, even by just sharing an idea that inspires… reaching out to others to help them in whatever way we feel possible enables our inner beings to glow

The greatest precept is continual awareness

  • continual awareness is to be alert to the fact that we are spirit inhabitants of the avatar of the human body, and are therefore entities with an onus of responsibility toward the world our bodies interact with… a worthy endeavor

The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything

  • the emptiness of everything is the dark matter or the natural attractor between all elements…when we acknowledge this natural connection that creates a sense of oneness, healing can occur

The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways

  • not conforming with the worlds ways is not doing things just because others say so, but because you choose to do so after in-depth assessment and analysis, knowing that doing so is right for both you and others

The greatest magic is transmuting the passions

  • transmuting passions is redirecting our strongest urges into areas where such energies can be put to good use instead of used for destruction, where they can uplift instead of undermine… thus passion becomes an energy for transcendence instead of bogging us down

The greatest generosity is non-attachment

  • non-attachment is not being so caught up in relationships or conditions that we let them rule our life, so that we can let them go when they need to be let go… this gift frees not only ourselves, but others, from the imprisonment of expectations

The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind

  • a peaceful mind is not necessarily a happy mind, but is one that has reached an understanding of the world and all its ups and downs, its ins and outs, its comings and goings, and cycles of change, and accepts that things are what they are… which allows us to focus on just being ourselves and allowing the goodness of our natural truths to inspire our existence

The greatest patience is humility

  • humility is not humiliation, but is a state of knowing that our life is no less or more important than the life of any other being, and that our efforts and strivings are no less or more capable of achievement than any other being… which allows us to draw back and reclaim the time to enjoy the subtle processes of our lives more, and to engage better with the subtle processes of others

The greatest effort is not concerned with results

  • when we ply our efforts only to achieve results, we miss the heart in the action, the reward that comes from just striving and doing something we believe in and enjoy… by placing so much effort into what we can achieve at the end of our efforts, we can be disheartened if those achievements fall flat

The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go

  • letting go is not an easy task in a world focused on striving and achievement, but is necessary in order for progress to continue after pain or mishap or simply natural endings… so making it a regular practice of ritual focus helps assert what might otherwise bog us down, and enables us to become re-inspired

The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances

  • appearances can certainly be deceiving, as the saying goes, and if we rely only upon our assessment of the surface evidence of things and people we can be prone to misadventure… it is always wise to analyze every aspect in-depth, to ensure we and others are not undermined by engaging


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