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Orphic Egg

personal photo by lianne
Personal album photo by Lianne of the Greek Orphic Egg seen in the museum of Olympia, in Greece

Right now, the spring equinox is at its peak where I live in the southern hemisphere. We celebrated the feast of Ostara last weekend with our friends and had a lovely quiche for lunch.

Eggs are always on the menu at this season of the year, since Ostara is about new life. The world is waking up again after the sleepy cold of winter and new babies will soon be born among the wildkins.

This morning, I woke with the Orphic Egg dominating my thoughts. I was lucky to see an ancient statue of the Orphic Egg when I visited Greece with my husband in 2002. (What looks like chains on its surface are actually a stylized snake).

The Orphic Egg is also known as the Cosmic Egg. It is said that all life burst from this egg and that it birthed the universe into being.

The egg is most often shown with a serpent (snake or dragon) coiled around it. This is an interesting thing since when these images were first created no one had microscopes or the medical knowledge of how the female ova (egg) needs a male spermatozoa (looks like a snake) to cause the changes that eventually lead to birth.

I also find it interesting how ancient streams of religion cross cultural barriers and pop up the same concepts in different ways. You get a great sense of how not only trade in goods and services was going on in ancient times, but also a swapping of ideas and ideologies, and even spiritual themes. I wonder how much the Orphic Egg concept in Greek mythology was influenced by the ancient Aryan religion of Vedism, which predates it?

In Vedism, the Kundalini life force is seen as a serpent or snake and is known as creation energy, birthed in desire.

Similar concepts to the Orphic Egg are related in ancient Sanskrit and describe the expansion by division of the god force, Brahma, from the womb of life, (a process called Brahmanda – Brahm means ‘Cosmos’ or ‘expanding’, Anda means ‘Egg’).

Before life separates itself into individual cells this way, Brahma energy is one being. To manifest the cosmos, it needs to separate into many beings (or cells).

As many beings or cells, Brahma can then experience relationship, which it is unable to do as one entity. By experiencing relationship, it is able to examine its own thoughts, ideas and concepts, and test their mettle.

You could say that the egg is the potential of new life, and that the serpent on the outside of the egg is the Kundalini catalyzing change so that new life begins its transformatory journey toward becoming manifest.

This expansion is known in cosmology as the ‘big bang’ or the point when life could no longer be held in a small, fixed point and broke dramatically out of that focus to become the universe we know, today.

All life has Orphic Egg potential. The seeding ‘eggs’ of our ideas, concepts, and ambitions lie dormant until we energize and activate them to expand.

We do that by applying energy of some kind, whether that is spiritual or physical. That energy is aroused by desire, or motivation. It catalyzes division in our ideas and concepts (allowing us to examine the relationships and dynamics between them just as Brahma does), and thus it activates growth (or the passage to enlightenment).

Each cell first comes into being in small stages (or steps) and the ‘egg’ multiplies exponentially until the totality of its DNA (imagined or pre-coded) thread is fully manifested.

Like the friction necessary to achieve the pleasure of orgasm (cosmic shakti), the seeds of our thoughts, ambitions, or activities must ply through the scary emotions and shudders of progress to achieve that end.

If we get worried that the ideas we have activated may be ‘duds’ based on ‘diamonds in the sky’ aspirations, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually produce failure. The fact that we have activated them at all means they have potential.

Instead, our concerns point to a need to be flexible and adaptable, just like a penis looking for the ‘G’ spot in a vaginal wall. When it hits that ‘magic button’ every potential explodes into glorious manifestation – but first it has to find it…

Orphic_EggIn Vedic terms, at some point in its static existence, Brahma had an idea that it was motivated to explore. It became aroused, and desired to see what the outcome might be from that exploration. If Brahma had given up because the cosmos wasn’t shaping as it had imagined, then our universe would never have come into being.

My Orphic Egg message said a lot to me this morning.

I had been having some doubts about work projects still ahead, and even though so much had already been done I’d sometimes wondered if we were in over our heads.

So the Egg said to me, don’t give up yet.  Keep plying. You’re still enjoying the ride, and the heights are yet to come.


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